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Thread: 6mm remington rifle.

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    6mm remington rifle.

    Hi all. Any one know of a 6mm rem rifle for sale.

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    Do you mean a 6mm Remington Caliber rifle or a 6mm Remington rifle (any 6mm)
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    6mm remington cartridge. Not .243.

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    there is a lad on here who has a cracker.

    1shot1kill craig in Salisbury. but not sure he wants to sell it.

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    Norman Clarke in Rugby normally has one or two on the racks and i think still builds them on a P/H action.

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    yes we have one Remington vls on the shelf. the rifle is pre loved and has al the load data with it for two bullet weights. Pillar bedded, screw cut and trigger tuned , but has been on my shelf for a while. will do a deal to move it on . The rifle is on Gunstar and you can see the photos there. ATB Mike Norris

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