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Thread: who/where to commission knife build

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    who/where to commission knife build

    thought about doing this myself, but let's be honest, I don't have time or the real skill for this specific craft...

    anyway, my brother in law has his 50th coming up next year, and I'd like to commission having a knife made for him in a classic hunting style, probably a drop point in a good steel or damascus, and with antler handle. I'm not looking to spend over 150 total, but I'd still like something decent. I have plenty nice antler I could provide blanks for too.

    I'm not sure if anyone on here who makes knives that were interested could chip in with any pictures of what they might be able to do within (ideally below) my price point.

    leather sheath is no problem, just the knife.

    similarly, any ideas how one could add a 'touch' to make it a bit special would be appreciated.

    my brother in law is a simple guy, no bs, doesn't need fancy, but would appreciate something really nice and home made. steel must be top class though as he won't use anything that can't hold a razors edge blade.

    maybe given my price point I need to build it myself, but it would be good to have some input into this subject as personally I'm not expert on the subject, my hunting knife is a 2.5" pen knife with antler handle I found stepped into the mud a number of years ago..does the job though, and thin enough to 'stick' a roe in the neck, so get's top scores in my book.

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    you could ask dougster ,but not sure on prices etc or puma knives,or go on blade uk i think it is,

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    did this myself ,blade from amazon 34.99 and red deer antler shaped with a dremmel.its easyish m8 and he,s probably appreciate the home made,damascus steel folded 200 times ,but not by me<think the firm is parkers> atb iain. Click image for larger version. 

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    How about Stuart Mitchell on here he makes a very nice blade out of birmingham . i don't know if he could match your price but worth a pm. contact him you will never know feller.

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    I' m currently having two hunters made by a guy on British Blades, one based on a loveless, the other on my own design, contact Tatsumi on British blades or p.m. me and I'll send you his e-mail address. I want my blades to have proper guards, not just a part of the blade extended, to have a 4" blade that's not too deep that it won't easily handle a muntjac, but also will handle a red as well. Must look good, feel good in the hand as well. I have knives by several well known American makers, and the two being made have the best parts of all of them in both designs. deerwarden.

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    First, I would like my pen knife back - I dropped it in the mud a number of years ago. PM for my mail address.

    I can recommend a maker whose username is Chevin. You will find him on the British Blades forum. He has made a knife for me and I have picked up another from a classified.
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    You could do much worse than approaching this firm:

    Knife making kits

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