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    Advice Please

    Hi All
    I have a very small piece of land which i have the permisson on (7 acres) surrounded by woodland which is has a good pop of fallow last night on the way to my high seat, i stop in a small layby just below my permisson as i saw a herd of 35 fallow layed up about 30yrds into the wood (Not my Land).This is where i would like some advice on where i stand in the law.
    When i was checking out the herd i noticed 2 does with 3 legs one with what looked like a old wound (the doe not in good condition) and the other with a fresh wound with ligaments hanging and struggerling to walk

    The Question
    Could i have shot these 2 does even if i was on a public highway and not on my permisson?

    Going back this morning hoping they might have moved on to my permisson and then trying to find the owner of the woods to see if i can get permisson even if its for humain reasons

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    Legally = NO

    Morally and ethically = YES

    Getting the permission is the way to do it - what a country we live in. I guess the problem revolves around the poacher who shoots from the road to 'put it out of its misery'.



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    I'm not so sure about (Morally and ethically = YES) shooting into someone else wood that you don't have permission to shoot in, I think you could be in deep sh-t with it,

    I don't think you have any right what so ever to shot the deer even if it is in poor condition

    Well that's my view

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    I think you would end up in a world of hurt. Possible loss of ticket and a criminal record.
    Only avenue open I think would be to talk to the land owner, not the stalker/s. Poaching or wounding should be the stalkers main concerns on a vulnerable piece of land that. If they are not keeping the place in good order then the land owner deserves to be appraised GENTLY of the situation.
    Note. it is the number of wounded animals in this specific incident that makes me think the land owner needs appraising of the situation. A single damaged animal may be an accident, multiples are more indicative of mismanagement in MY opinion.
    You may find the owner is the stalker and get an ear full, but you will have done all you legally may do without jeopardising your ticket.

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    Good advice from the previous poster.

    I would also strongly advise you not to shoot from any public highway, you stand a very good chance of loosing your ticket. I would also strongly advise against shooting into any wood or land that is not your permission.

    For one you may not have any idea of what lays within that wood, bridle paths, foot paths, someone camping, etc etc. It is not your ground, and although morally all stalkers want to see injured deer dispatched cleanly you are breaking the law by discharging a weapon onto land you have no rights too (I may be wrong but I will be suprised if I am).

    Seek the permission of the landowner of the wood as soon as possible, and tell him the situation. Also report it to the landowner who's land you are stalking on, so they are aware it is not you that is causing the injuries to the deer. They may well know the ownert of the wood and put you in touch.



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    Are you in Scotland or England?



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    Hi All
    Thank you for the replies, I now have the name of the owner of the land and her house just down the road from where the deer were seen. I have also found out she loves to see the deer in her garden so i don't think i will get the stalking on it, but i will try the humain approuch when i see her this week fingers crossed

    PS Tahr I'am in England

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