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    Just uploaded pics of iPad shows them right way then when upload to forum the pics are wrong way any ideas what I'm doing wrong cheers guys

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    my phone does it, i turn my phone it works sometimes,

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    This is because when you take a photo on an Apple device there is some information stored in the EXIF data within the file which records which way up your device was when you took the photo. Your phone then rotates the picture the right way up when you view it but it doesn't re-write the actual file.

    So for example if you take a photo with your phone upside down then it will physically store the picture upside down but will display it the right way up. Unfortunately the forum software isn't EXIF orientation aware (neither is Windows 7, but Windows 8 is).

    There are 3 ways around it...

    1. try to hold your device the 'right way' up when you take the photo (on an iPhone this is with the phone on its side with the round button on the right)
    2. rotate and save the image on the phone/ipad before uploading (you will have to rotate it left, save, then rotate right, save) and this will force it to rewrite the file the right way up
    3. use the Tapatalk app on your Apple or Android device to upload your photos - Tapatalk is orientation aware and will save the correct orientation to the file before uploading it
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