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    About me

    Hi my name is Andy I have been deer stalking since I was four. Shot my first deer when I was 14 with my dads 243. Sauer 90 which I have still have. I live in Devon in a small town called Axminster

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    Welcome to the site Andy, I hope you find it interesting. Which species of deer is it that you mainly stalk down there? I have stalked Sika a bit further east from where you are and had good fun doing so. They get quite a bit bigger down there than I am used to seeing up North.

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    Welcome to the site,

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    mostly roe the fallow don't seem to live to long so they don't get a chance to breed and pretty much the same with wild boar saw a munty once he didn't hang around long

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    Welcome to the site (Roe Boy) at least you made a proper intro this time. Hope you find the site interesting and helpful.
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