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Thread: Long distance deer management

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    Long distance deer management

    Just found out from a farmer in Stroud that three 'stalkers' from Stoke on Trent have written to farmers/landowners and are offering 7 per acre for stalking in the Stroud, Gloucestershire area.
    Bearing in mind they are 100 miles from the area, things that come to mind are:

    How are they proposing to manage the deer populations on the land?

    How often are they going to visit the area?

    Are they going to look for just trophy deer for selling to paying guns?

    Are they just going to rape the area and then move on when the cherry picking has been achieved?

    Do they realize just how many local stalkers/gamekeepers they are going to pxss off?

    Do these three expect there to be just an acceptance of them taking over other stalkers ground?

    Do local farmers landowners realize what they can be expecting?

    Stalking in this area is not just about deer shooting its about the deer welfare and selective population control for the deer health, land management, wildlife management etc.

    It has been sought by Erik Hamburger in another post for stalkers to join the North Cotswold DMG this would be much more help.

    If these 'stalkers' are on SD please understand this message and realize just what you are attempting.

    For all of you out there look at what you could be expecting in your area.
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    I dont think distance is an issue we do deer management up here and travel hundred of miles to do it .

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    As said by Tulloch 100 miles is only a 90 min drive and for some that's nothing. I have chaps in my deer group that travel much further to shoot deer on Group ground. If they find that type of chapping doors works for them well go for it.

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    I don't see a problem, know many that travel further than that, and it is possible to manage a population from a distance many have to do it, really depends how much time they can spend and how can we say without knowing their circumstances.

    As to 7 per acre maybe a little bit pricey, but again there are plenty paying that much and more, are they going to take anyone's ground maybe but only those who don't pay for their ground or have a proper lease, if you have have a proper lease you will have at least till its expiry date to negotiate a deal with the landowner, if you have been lucky enough not to pay for your stalking this is just something you have to be prepared for, unfortunate yes but a fact of life.

    Safest way to protect your stalking is to pay for it sign a proper lease, agree to increase the rent annually 2% per is about right.

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    I am off to Cornwall this afternoon to manage deer, the owners of this site , I think I am correct travel the country to control deer.
    As to upsetting the local stalkers / keepers live with it
    As to stalking in your area not being about just shooting deer, that maybe in your eyes, but in the eyes of some of the farmers around your way it might be about removing vermin from there crops
    how much is the farmer who told you now asking for the stalking on his land or has he turned them down and kept the price the same.

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    Farmers are being made aware of the true valuation of deerstalking and what financial rewards are out there. Some are prepared and there will always others who can afford more. Land agents who at times sell/lease in farmers behalf are informing farmers off this. This allows farmers ti make a tidy profit and the middle man.
    Soon in my opinion the middle class stalker priced out of this sport taking into account cost of living etc leavening it to be a wealthy persons sport.
    It's a shame money talks but thats the way of life.

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    whilst I do sympathise with you "as I would imagine by the sounds of things your loosing you ground" but this kind of thing has been happening for a long time and is only set to get worse due to so many people chasing land

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    Most of the people I know who shoot do deer management , Some of the Forestry commission guys they cover thousands of acres in three or four locations dotted about the country .

    Even for my own permission I travel nearly 100 mile round trip just to get that ground, many would tell you that proper management means longer or regular breaks from shooting that ground and that is why those who do it commercially have numbers of different sites, in fact the more the better.

    Its a shame but free shooting is very rare and that is why I get so much grief for my permission.

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    I know where you are coming from. Depending on the species being 'managed' it takes time on the ground to build up a real picture of the activity and in what numbers and locations culling should be carried out.

    Theres no reason why this can't be done with those involved travelling 100 miles though. Much of my ground is a fair distance. Forestry Commission have been mentioned. They cover huge areas between a much smaller team now. Once the census work has been done then visits to keep up to date with local activity and good communication with landowners can be sufficient.

    Another subject that could be debated is the view that it is better to concentrate your culling efforts into smaller brackets at suitable times in the year where you look to take the number you need in a short space of time rather than bothering the population by constantly being on the ground.

    Whatever your view the only thing that matters when it comes to keeping your shooting is your relationship and contract with the landowner and making sure they are happy with all you do.

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    The presumption is that these new people on the ground are less able to manage the deer than those people currently stalking the area.

    The reality may be that they might be very experienced, well qualified and excellent deer managers who see a business opportunity and who have put a value on that opportunity. They may have significant numbers of staff and resources at their disposal. Having contacted many farmers they may also be offering an integrated approach to the management across a wide area.

    So, the answer to all your points might be that they have the skills and resources to do it much better than those currently doing it plus they are offering 7 an acre. Should that turn out to be the situation then this could offer a benefit to the deer, the habitat and the farmers.

    If you needed brain surgery done would you rather go to some local place where a bloke who does it now and again as a hobby will give it a go and see how he does, or would you rather travel 100 miles to a specialist hospital where a qualified surgeon who does similar operations several times a day will carry out the procedure and will also give you some cash into the bargain?

    I'm playing devil's advocate here, of course, because I'm not keen on seeing big areas gathered up by the rich and powerful at the expense of the small stalker who enjoys his sport, has a very limited budget and has no real resources or management qualifications but who does his best and makes a reasonable job of it. However, as you can see from my hospital example above as a landowner there is a lot to be said for the big operation that pays.
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