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Thread: How To Preserve A Deer Skin For Training Tracking Dog

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    How To Preserve A Deer Skin For Training Tracking Dog

    I need some advice on how to preserve a deer skin for tracking. What to use to preserve it, how long can the skin be hung on the deer before it must be preserved, etc. Any advice would be helpful.

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    Freeze it use a few times then Bin.Start again with nice fresh skin

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    Kieran, what are you using the skin for?

    If its to rag at the end of the track check out the thread on diesel and bicarbonates soda. The sooner you get it off and begin the preservation process the better to help prevent hair slip.

    If its for laying tracks with you need it FRESH and small pieces will do.

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    Thanks for the advice so far. For laying the track would a skin from a deer which was hung for a week be any good and assuming it was refridgerated how long would it last after that?

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    Ideally get it off as soon as you can. You only need a small piece of skin for laying puppy tracks. Freeze it straight away after use. Depending on the length of track you could use each piece several times but you will get loads from one deer.

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