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Thread: Cleaning Wildcat Evolution ?

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    Cleaning Wildcat Evolution ?

    Has anyone got any experience cleaning the New Wildcat Evolution Moderator?

    Method and best cleaning technique/cleaner would be useful. Looks like stripping it down is simple enough !

    Thanks in advance.

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    if its strippable go for it but only if its simple ,otherwise drown it in petrol then leave to drain,dry,

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    Is the best cleaning solution bore cleaner?
    Anything better?

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    you can use soapy water but then you will get sludge,brake cleaner works tho,

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    i used wd 40 on my wildcat absolutley drown it ,then legia gun oil on a rag to clean it for storage no problem ,some use parafin .the main thing is dont leave it on your rifle as the post shooting chemical crud will eat your crown and threads atb

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    All great stuff, as always, Thanks !

    I see a small job coming up in the morning.

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    I have a wildcat predator 8 that is strippable, i clean it as recommended with hot soapy water.

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