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Thread: hello from a novice

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    hello from a novice

    Hello from a novice

    Hi all I have been lurking for a while and picking up all sorts of good advice.
    Very new to the sport I was lucky enough to be taken up to Scotland in November by what are now two very good friends, on a 5 day stalk. Initially stalking was on my bucket list ď things to do before I kick the bucketĒ I have shot targets for a good few years, and went up with the intention of if I see a deer and get lucky enough to stalk one to get into range to shoot it I would be very happy. As it turned out I not only saw a dear or two I shot 5 two reds and 3 sika . To be honest the first calf I shot I was ashamed of the shot we stalked it and lost sight of it only for it to re appear really close @ 40 yrds away I pulled the trigger but hit it high severing its spinal cord, Yes it could have been partly built trajectory but to be hones I think it was me. Kicked myself several times and berated myself two my object of killing is to despatch an animal with the least amount of pain possible and in a respectful way. Anyway thatís the last shot I was ashamed of all the rest Died on the spot. Learned so much in the five days not just about the deer but also the forestry and in general about industry.

    So decided to take a cooling of period before seriously taking the leap after all this was supposed to be a one off as my wife keeps reminding me , for two weeks I could not get to sleep replaying the 5 days stalking in my mind with a big smile on my face, no mater how I tried I could not get it out of my blood so, Iím now the proud owner of a second hand sako75 varmint looking out for and saving up for a Sworovsci 8x56 4a illuminated ret . I really enjoyed the experience and so far all the people I have met who do stalk have the greatest respect for the animals they shoot, wife just roles her eyes at the timeís Iím online looking and hopefully learning and two kids looking forwards to more venison. Will try not to ask two many silly questions but cant promise my thirst for knowledge is quite high. Cheers and thanks In advance Me

    P.S whatís on your bucket list I still have to kayak down the grand canyon and see the northern lights as well as a bunch of other stuff as my old dad says your hear for a good time not a long time. Just whish it was easier to earn the money to pay for the good times.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.
    P.S. Keep taking your Dads advice!

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    hey thats some intro beets the usual one liner

    welcome mate

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    Hi and welcome

    Next on my bucket list is wild boar in Poland then maybe some Elk hunting in Canada... maybe I could convince the wife for our 10th anniversary this year

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    Good intro.
    Look forward to hearing about your trips,
    You dad is spot on regards good time.



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