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Thread: What scoring system do you use?

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    What scoring system do you use?

    As some of you may know, I am lucky enough to have hunting privileges here in Japan. I have taken a few nice sika stags, and I think that they would score well, possibly taking #1.

    Truth is I have rarely put a tape to any of them. I see on the sci site that there is only one stag from Japan. Maybe I should submit a score, although I am not a bit fan of sci. Is there a more respected system around? Thanks for your help.

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    I use a very special scoring system for sika Kushiro. It is not currently internationally recognised but I suspect that many people who stalk them will understand.

    If I go out stalking and I see a sika but it spots me and runs off then I consider myself to have done well.

    If I go out and spot one and get to watch it for a while without it spotting me then I consider myself to have done very well.

    If I go out and see a deer and get a safe, sensible shot that puts some venison in my freezer then I consider it a miracle and award myself a gold medal.

    I'm not sure my scoring system is ever going to catch on in a big way but I'm pretty happy with it.

    In saying that your sika in the photo is a cracker of a beast, his headgear is bigger than anything I've seen even on the red deer I would stalk as they live in a pretty harsh environment. Under the circumstances I certainly think you deserve a gold medal plus some other award!

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    Yes there is !
    Investigate the C.I.C.
    The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation.

    That is a very fine Stag.


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    Caorach, I reckon there are many of us out there using this very same system! Steve. (awards are usually made in the pub!)

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    Caorach! I love that system! I have used it myself for nearly two decades! But my freezer has completely filled up and since I can't measure meat I thought I would give the horns a try.

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    measuring sika

    I admit that I have little knowledge of the CIC system but when it comes to Sika is there not a problem? As has been discussed in previous posts 'Sika' is the japanese term for deer and not a species name. Many different races or subspecies come under th heading of 'Sika'. While they are all Cervids the range in size and stature is massive. This may not be so much of a problem in their native lands but where they have been introduced, especially in Victorian times in Britain, the initial stock came from deer parks in the far east where many races ran together so a lot of the imports would be already a mixture of types. As the populations have established we often hear some described as Manchurian and others as Japanese. While this may correct I dont think it is as simple as that. Some Invernesian Sika are quite small,very light in the summer pelage and have very light grey-coloured velvet. I have heard this attributed to the original import to the East of Loch Ness in 1890 being a mixture of Fromosan and Honshu 'strains'. To compare these with the monsters shot by Kushiro is not compareing like for like. David

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    The monster shot by `Kushiro`appears to be a huge Manchurian .

    The C.I.C. form for Sika has two medal award levels designated as :-
    Japanese, BRONZE 225 , SILVER 240 , GOLD 255 .
    Manchurian etc., BRONZE 300 , SILVER 350 , GOLD 400 .

    The ones in Eire are accepted as Japs [Cervus Nippon Nippon] but according to my friend, the late G.Kenneth Whitehead, some Hinds may have been of a different sub-species .

    The Scottish ones I have seen also appear to be Japs.


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    measuring sika

    Thanks for that Stag1933. If I understand you correctly that means the CIC system does not differentiate between the differing races/subspecies of Japanese Sika. I therefore have no chance with my Sika as they are a very small race as I have said due in part I am sure to the influence of Fromosan strains compared to say the Peebles populations which look similar, but perhaps a bit darker, and are half as big again. All would be classed as 'Japs'. Maybe Kushiro could tell us if in Japan the differing island strains still keep their own characteristics. David

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    Wow! You sure know you're deer! But I think there may be a misunderstanding. The deer I have been hunting, in fact the only deer on my island, are not the manchurian or the cervus nippon, but a species you may not be aware of, the cervus yesoensis, ie ezo shika.

    These deer are listed as the biggest strain of sika, bigger than the manchurians. If this comes up on your screen in Japanese エゾシカ you can google it to see some pictures like this one:

    Perhaps the sika you have there are the Cervus Nippon, such as in these pictures. There are not that many, mainly due to loss of habitat, although I have heard they are on the rise. Many are found in the Kyoto area around parks getting handouts.

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    I did check out the CIC, but I don't think it is the way to go with these deer as they would dwarf all other subspecies. SCI has separate categories for sika, mine being the Hokkaido sika. As of now there is only one entry, but with some good racks I have around I could take the top ten spots in a short time.

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