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Thread: Should we Or shouldnt we

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    Should we Or shouldnt we

    Should we shoot deer in the lamp or should we stick to the laws of the land.

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    Shooting deer in the lamp is akin to tying up mike Tyson, and beating him with a scaffold tube, then saying 'I knocked Tyson out'

    Leave lamping for the foxes, and leave lamping deer to pikeys and FC
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    I always "lamp" deer.... Santas sleigh looks dull without them!

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    without an appropriate amount of time per volume of deer you will get problems and in Scotland the lamp is a quick fix. It's not stalking or management in those situations and just control but the alternative can be serious and exstensive damage. Some deer though are just a pain like Sika and I have a night ticket that is a great help in the winter up North.

    There's not much challenge with a lamp and experience on your side but when time pressures mean the ground has to be controlled that way then SNH are happy to oblige. My concern is land owners going down the quick fix route because they don't care about managing the deer and end up in a real pickle and end up calling in the heavies.

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    We are allowed to lamp them in England up until an hour after sunset and an hour before sunrise!
    I'm sure there's a need for it in places, ie where nocturnally transient Fallow are causing massive damage but live in a safe area during the day!
    However, it should be tightly controlled. The worst form of deer abuse around here appears to be shooting deer out of season under the guise of crop protection which is a real 'loophole' in the law!

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    I am NOT a proponent of lamping anything other than fox, rabbit, etc. Not even Wild Boar. There are enough moon nights and proper scopes that lamping is not, normally, necessary. If there is an abundance of Roe, Fallow, or Sika, and one is not able to manage it alone, don't be so stingy and call up some mates for a drive hunt, or something of the like. If that doesn't do the trick, do it more. I guess my point is, there are an infinite number of ways to help reduce a troublesome population that resorting to lamping.

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    My thoughts would be to allow stalkng to continue as we now know it, during daylight hours and leaving time in the evening to allow time for a runner.

    irrespective as a individual would think of a deer as a pest, Ching Ching or a fantastic sporting beast, they all deserve a life and pursuing them 24/7 is definitely not the answer.

    wild animals are the worlds best adapters to survival and will change to be safe and also stress is not good for anyone let alone a wild animal

    I believe it's fine as it is



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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Should we shoot deer in the lamp or should we stick to the laws of the land.
    To answer your question as put,
    You must "Stick to the current laws of the land" (ie your country) if not you breaking the law and are poaching- Simples.

    If you are asking should the laws be changed then I'm neutral

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    Well in Scotland if you have a license then you can - simples. Thats the law of the land.

    Whether its right or wrong, thats another argument but I would say in some places it would be the only way of managing the populations - as in forestry plantations it would be near impossible to control the number through "conventional" stalking.

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    Yes we should lamp them after all we do lamp foxes, bait them and call them in so why should deer be any different there a wild animal and if not controlled will damage people's livelihood so where's the difference. All animals should be treated the same.


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