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Thread: Accompanied Fallow stalking in East sussex

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    Accompanied fallow deer stalking in east sussex

    We have dates available From September 2014 for Accompanied Fallow stalking in East Sussex, 80 per stalk or 150 per day, no limit on cull animals,An estate rifle is available, Novices are Welcome,We can accommodate two stalkers, Chiller available. B&B can be arranged at 25 each per night, for further details please PM or go to Sussex Deer Control Regards Geoff

    Hi All. Thanks for all your PMs, We still have a Few dates available so keep them coming Thanks Geoff
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    Hello Geoff, with the day stalk, are you perched in the high seat all day, or is it 2x stalks am and pm? I've seen your ad before, and super value regardless.

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    Hi Beretta Cocker, often we have two stalkers for the day, they decide who wants to stalk first, Robin will take one on a woodland stalk and i will sit with the other in a highseat, then we go to the cafe for breakfast, afterwards we go to another piece of woodland, where we swap around and i take the stalker whilst Robin sits in the highseat. in the evening we both sit in seats, it normally works very well. cheers Geoff

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    Can you only do weekend days or can you do weekdays also ???

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    Hi 223, We can stalk any day cheers Geoff
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    I can vouch for geoff and robin. good company good ground. Lots of deer around !!
    Atb Steve

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    Hi Steve, thanks for the kind words, look forward to our next stalk in october Cheers Geoff

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    A quick post to say I can also vouch for the excellent days Geoff and Robin put on. They're both extremely knowledgeable, only too happy to teach a novice and have some fantastic ground. On my first stalk with them (and only my 2nd stalk full stop) they put me on my first ever cull which as most of you know is an amazing experience and feeling. I've since been back and last time went for a full day where we visited at least 4 different sites with a great mix of stalking on foot and in high seats, saw deer at all (roe and fallow) and finished the day with a magnificent white fallow (pictures to follow!). Thanks again guys, company is always great and very much looking forward to next season.


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    Simon with his white fallow

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