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Thread: Moth or butterfly identification please

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    Moth or butterfly identification please

    I was out this morning with my dog after the torrential rain during the night and spotted this moth/butterfly. Can anyone help with identification please (photos below).

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    Cinnabar moth? only going on it's colour here, might be a bit big for cinnabar?
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    Good guess at the Cinnabar but it's a poor pic.

    It's a Six Spot Burnet, as it's got a spotted black overwing.
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    as above,moth six piont
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    +1, and a ladybird bug in the first picture too.
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    Gents - Thanks for the replies and identification.

    Sorry about the quality of the photos I chased the moth around for 10 minutes before getting the two photos, while my dog looked on somewhat bemused.

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    Five or six spot burnet moth depending where you are situated. Larva feed on birds foot trefoil. Cocoons are papery and are fixed vertically to stems. When I was young they were everywhere, nowadays see them only occasionally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old keeper View Post
    When I was young they were everywhere, nowadays see them only occasionally.
    I grew up in South Dorset and the same is true there: lots 40 years ago, and very few today.

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