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Thread: spotting scope

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    spotting scope

    Cheap spotting scope wanted to be used when zeroing only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fursty Ferret View Post
    Cheap spotting scope wanted to be used when zeroing only.
    hi FF

    im in the same boat but wanted something that will be ok out to around 500/600yards (spotting only NOT FOR TRYING TO SEE BULLET HOLES AT 500 YARDS) had a look at Amazon and there seems to be a few on there, but its getting/reading results from people that use them for the same as we would.

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    Hiya chaps Aldi are selling cheap spotting scopes they look pretty good I can't remember how much though sorry bazil

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    I took a punt on the aldi cheapo spotter this morning. Pissing it down here at the moment but heading out later to try it.
    Not expecting much, but only want it to check poi when zeroing. If its no good it'll go in the bin and i'll keep looking

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    I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    The Aldi 'scope has come up as the subject in several threads, but I did try it out against a more expensive (though not top notch) competitor. Others have said it's a pile of pooh & absolute cr*p, but mine does the job at 200 yds anyway. I don't wear specs so maybe that helps ...............
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