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    Hi guys just after a little information just bought a sako 85xs for foxing and a .243 sako 85xs for deer got the brass for both and wanted to ask you guys which grain bullet heads for the sako .223 1 in 12 twist and the .243 1 in 10 twist both will have moderators on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. oh and the best place in south yorkshire to buy them.

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    I have used the Speer 85 grain btsp in my .243s for several years. You need to get just over 3000fps for 1,700 ft.lbs, which is readily achievable with Viht. N160 in a 20'' barrel. I use them mainly on Muntjac and Roe but also regularly shoot Fallow with then and occasionally Red (at sensible range). Good bullet for the .243 and very consistent. Quite 'hard' so keeps damage to a minimum with a properly placed shot.

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    I have used 55g Nosler BT tips with H335 powder to great effect and friend on hear ( Crouch Valley ) has helped come up with this cracking combo. Thanks again

    my .223 is 1/10 twist

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    55's top bullet thats a good choice /h414 /n140/ h4895/varget / lots of powders will run them at 3k plus.
    .243 deer 85 hp /100 prohunters/ h414/n140/h4895/ again lots to drive them at over 2500 and way above. H414 mag primers go better.
    The above is what i used to run for years .
    try'd barnes vg .223 and they turn everything into jelly bags .
    also 62 vmax a very good 6mm fox bullet
    and buckets more on top.

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    Thanks for the info buddy will try this combo in my set ATB Denis.

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