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Thread: Grannys gotta Prawn

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    Grannys gotta Prawn

    Grannys gotta Prawn.

    Little boy goes into the kitchen and says to his mum who is washing up, “Granny’s got a Prawn”

    Mother replies, “Sorry son what did you say?”

    “Granny’s got a Prawn” the little boy replies.

    “I don’t know what you mean son,” said the little boys mother.

    The little boy takes his mothers hand and leads her into the front room where his Grandmother is fast asleep on the sofa stark naked with her clitoris hanging out!

    “There see. Grannys got a prawn,” the little boy said pointing at his Grandmother exposed clitoris

    The mother leans down and whispering into her sons ear so as not to wake the Grandmother says, “Son, that’s not a prawn, it’s Grannys clitoris).

    The little boy replies. “Well it tastes like a prawn!!”

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    you have nearly put me off my tea

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    I have just got through a very nice curry, Atlantic prawns, I was sat on the couch for this unusually, I tend to spill food when on the couch, I was using a fork to transport the prawns to my mouth, Grannie never blinked once! Amazing how many prawns there are in these tv dinners!
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