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Thread: Mountfield Lawnmower

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    Mountfield Lawnmower

    Free to good home our old Mountfield HP470, 17" cut, push along lawn mower.

    The catch? It needs a wee bit of mechanical attention. It was running a wee bit rough so yours truely followed You Tube advice and fitted a new carb to petrol tank diaphram, rather badly as it turn out .

    A chimp with a basic knowledge of spanner work should have it going again in no time, but not me.

    All joking apart this is a sound lawn mower that cuts well and until I p1ssed about with it was working fine.

    Collection only from St Boswells in the sunny Scottish Borders



    PS - On the plus side the Mrs can actually start and use the new lawn mower.................result!

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    put it on hard shoulder of m6 fire it up and i will pick it up at jct 23 ta ma ha in a couple of days, good offer if i had grass i would be in like flynn,atb doug,
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    Would you like me to tell you how to put it back together?
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    Any chance this is still available if so I'll take it.

    Cheers Ed

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    Quote Originally Posted by teyhan1 View Post
    Would you like me to tell you how to put it back together?

    Agreed, briggs and stratton pulsa prime carb childsplay.!

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