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Thread: Kestrel 4000 possible fault, please help.

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    Kestrel 4000 possible fault, please help.

    Hi guys,
    I have a Kestrel 4000 and from the beginning when I got it I doubted it was accurate. Comparing it to my Skywatchers 4 at the time it always seemed to under read the wind but quite a bit. I thought at the time it mush have been the cheaper skywatchers at fault....I believe I was wrong.

    Like I said I have suspecte this for a while now as nearly all my misses on windy days are always down wind too.

    Last night really got me thinking, I was out shooting steel and as normal measured the wind, Kestrel said it was between 8 and 12 mph, I thought then it seemed a bit slow as it felt more like 15 mph from experience. The results on steel resulted in twice they wind speed adjustments needed, i ended up dialing for a 16mph wind!

    One thing I have noticed again since new, is the impeller on the Kestrel is noisey it seem like it rattles when picking up speed, it can really only rattle on the outer side walls of the impeller casing, this obviously would slow the impeller down.

    Is anyone else's Kestrel noisy when operating (spinning)?

    Cheers guys,


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    Sounds like it needs either a service or the impeller looking at, they should be silent in use

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    I thought so mate. Can you get them serviced or do you just buy and fit a new impeller?

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    Impellers are easily replaced, they just push in and out. Contact the manufacturer and tell them the problem. They may send you one for nowt.


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