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Thread: Concurrent Stalking Rights

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    Concurrent Stalking Rights

    For two years now I have had my name on the waiting list for stalking leases with a small private forestry company. Last week I recieved a letter asking me to attend a viewing of a small woodland in north Perthshire. I was given a key and a map and told to look round myself. When I got to the forest gate four hinds were feedind not 40 meters inside the trees. The place is all conifers but has a lot of open streamsides and glades and is very interesting. On the day I saw plenty sign and as well as the hinds saw two roe. Thr crofter next door told me the odd Fallow can be seen from time to time and the area is far enough away from the central belt not to suffer the ferret and lurcher brigade. So far so good. It is 100 hectares and the price is 900 per year with no guarantee of continuation but unless something goes wrong I am told I will be given first refusal .

    Now the trouble. The owner wants to retain concurrent stalking rights. He lives a long way off but has a bothy nearby and stalks 2500hectares of hill acessed thru this wood. I am told he comes up at least twice a month but the forest agent will not quantify how many times he would use the wood. He could text me the night before and say he is stalking. I live 3 hours journey from this property and due to my work often have to make long-term plans for stalking trips. The area looks really nice and I know how hard it is to get place of your own. I have been going up to David Browns in Inverness for years to stalk red and sika and will continue to go there but I have always wanted a place of my own. Who doesnt.

    Do any of you lads have a similar arrangement and does it work? When i expressed doubts the agent told me if I dont take it he has dozens of others who would. What do you think? Cheers Fab2

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    If there is a lot of deer about and a lot of sign then I guess the guy cant be taking that many and if he is taking loads then there must be plenty about.


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    While 900 is a reasonable amount of money, if that is your full commitment for the year it might well be worth the risk to see how it goes.

    It could be a real bargain ???

    Shame that the option for the next year is just a verbal agreement to have first refusal....but if all goes well that could change and you would of course be in the position to broach the subject well in advance.

    Cheers + ATVB


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    The way i see it is that the most you can lose is 900 notes and some fuel travelling expenses , not knowing the circumstances of your future arrangement, could you possible take a friend or known fellow stalker to share fuel cost or any other expenses and not charge them for any stalking.
    Then supposing you can keep any beasts shot you may well find that the stalker does indeed pay his way with what he shoots You probably know that an average red hind should be worth 60-80 each
    and a roe doe 25-35 possibly a bit more or less in your area.
    This is the way i work and it can bring down the costs of stalking, other up sides also being that i have some company, help with some of the larger deer , i cover more ground , learn the habits of the deer and numbers etc the list goes on, the stalkers i use(that sounds bad) know the score i tell them what i am getting paid , so they can work out what i get , they also get to see my fuel , chiller , quad , trailer..... bills and most importantly the amount of time i put to it.

    My advice try it for a year, take a friend if possible on your terms not as a half stakeholder as this could ends in tears, also rightly it would not feel like your own stalking.

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    This is grossly over priced for what your getting 100 hec even at 2.50 pre acre this would still be to much for 247 acres .

    I'd have a long think about the cost .

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    Give it a saw a good few beast so he can't be hammering the area plus he passing through regularly which helps keep the poachers away.

    If he is up twice a month it would be worth asking if it is at the weekend or random. It would really screw things up if he appeared any day of the week at short wouldn't be able to plan ahead at all

    You could offer 1500 for exclusive rights but thats a lot of cash for 100ha

    Anyway if there were dozens queing why didn't the agent put it out to tender!

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    Concurrent Rights

    Thank you all for the comments. This is what is so good about this site. Always there is someone willing to give some thoughts on any stalking related subject.
    I have since found out that the whole cull return for the estate is 25 Reds, 8 fallow and 15 roe but it is not stated where on the place they have been shot. The wood is fenced from the hill for deer but has only a stock fence on the other three sides. I would get to keep the deer I shoot and can take one guest per trip. As for the price I take what you all say but I have often read comment on here that one mans bargain is another mans rip-off. I have a forestry lease for roe just now over 400 hectares that I share with another lad and each pay 1000 plus vat. They (the rangers) lamp the hell out of it though and this year I have only shot 2 bucks and 3 does.
    I think I will take the new place and ditch the other. I will let you know how it goes. Thanking you all again. Fab2

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    Oooh! I would be very, very careful! You cannot, in one sense, have a joint lease of anything as occupancy should be exclusive. Because the bottom line is who takes precedence.

    It is like two football clubs sharing the same ground. One will ALWAYS be "the master" the other ALWAYS left with what "the master" doesn't require.

    You say "I am told he comes up at least twice a month but the forest agent will not quantify how many times he would use the wood". But there is NOTHING as far as you have posted to set a firm limit on this.

    I'm sorry but I think that you are being shafted...very gently...but shafted. It seems that in effect you are relying on nothing in writing but just "an assurance".

    Me? I'd want set out in writing exclusive dates when you and only you (or you guests) had the use of the lease. In other words the other person was not allowed access.

    On a basis of you having so many days in proportion to the percentage you pay for your 900 of the total lease price.

    Nor any mention of if he decides to let "his friend/brother/son/the bloke who gave him some pheasant shooting last Boxing Day/etc., etc" use it.

    If not I'd walk away. This guy could shoot it out each time he goes and you come up to find what? A good walk in the woods and that is about all.

    For 3000 per year you could have my apartment in Paris. Except when I'm using it. Or my girlfriend with my permission. But you won't know when until you get there. And if you are there when I or she arrive and either of us want it then you'll have to find a hotel.

    As others have said I think that YOU are paying ALL the lease price AND seeing him right for a good drink as well as then also letting the guy shoot on the land!

    Sounds like the bum's rush to me. You have NO CERTAINTY OF ANYTHING. Except that you'll be down nine hundred notes.

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    You have made the right decision to give it a go, the one thing I would do is meet the owner, you cant beat face to face and you never know more could come from it,


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    You pays yer money you takes yer chance,

    have at it, if you dont some one else will

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