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Thread: Labrador pups for sale

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    Labrador pups for sale

    KC registered litter of 11 pups, 7 dogs and 4 bitches ready 20th august.
    Dam is used on our shoot and occasionally for deer, sire is used for deer and on shoots (owner of sire is amanda16, tam)
    Dogs 350, bitches 400

    4 dogs have turned a deep fox red and 1 bitch
    more recent pics than these to follow
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image.jpg   image.jpg  
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    Stacy good luckif any one enquires I will let you know my mate has just finished selling his Slab litter.
    That look s like a task and a half for mum.

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    Any pics of the dog?

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    Not got any pics of the dog yet but will get one as soon as I can, he is a chunky yellow lab. With quite a few drakeshead lines.


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    Hi Stacey.
    I am still interested in a Foxred Dog.

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    Hi norm,
    yeah that's no problem there are 4 deep fox red dogs which will be quite chunky, I sent you an email with the sires pedigree earlier today. They are getting big now, the photo above is the only one I have where most of them are in it as they don't stay still long enough to get a photo of them all.


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    Thanks. Just landed. She looks a bit hassled with all the pups attached.

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    Yeah she is, the only thing she is enjoying is the 5 meals a day

    Here is a photo of them today
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image.jpg  
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    All pups will have their 4 weeks insurance and a chudleys puppy pack.


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