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Thread: driving land rover 90 on one prop

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    driving land rover 90 on one prop

    hi all, as the title says.
    got sent the wrong uj, too big.
    would I do any damage to the gearbox if used the 90 until the right uj arrives.

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    No, Keep the center diff lock in and it will be fine.

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    Can't imagine so. Driven a landie & RR a few times on front prop only after snapping rear half shafts or planet gears in the diff. ATB
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    As said before leave the rear diff in and you be fine. Just keep an eye on any leaks and any loud transmission noise though , major whining can often be a result of leakage and over heating just keep an eye on it

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    thank for the info lads, only doing local runs to work which is 5 miles max.

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    Leave the diff lock engaged. Centre diff.
    You will have no probs until you get new uj


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    nice one, jon.


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    Had one fail in Switzerland on a RR, took it off and came beck on rear wheel drive, no issues.


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