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    Remote lamp

    Iv got a remote mounted lamp on my truck but it's seems to leak quite a bit lately can't understand where from, iv sealed around the square base but can't find where water getting in? Any info be grateful. Chers

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    rain getting into motor or unit ?

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    How are you Paul, it's getting into the truck via the unit it seems to be worse when the lamps on, just can't understand it I know for one it's a big hole drilled into the roof but ........ Help lol

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    not the answer your looking for but, strip it and reseal everthing?

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    Hi mty try and take it off look at the gasket dry it all and reseal it with sikaflex you can get it from any car paint supplier and try that it seals up anything as its liquid rubber.don't get it on you lol.

    or window sealer but you need to remove it just in case the water is getting in v' the unit glass seal, an air line up the wiring hole will tell you this as you will see the water in the glass /reflector. if the gasket is shagged make your own out of an old landy inner tube if its the glass use clear glass glue. would mind betting its the ring under the lamp letting water in .quick fix pump grease in the ring after air line drying it out.
    hope it helps if you were close i'd do it for you feller .

    sorry wires crossed so its a lightforce remote , i thought it was power jobby !!lol yup gasket and locking ring rubber make a new one rubber then reseal all bolt holes with stuff i said.
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    this sounds like its running down the t the centre of the lamp there is a nylon ball and on each side of that there is a rubber disc or washer. if thats torn or missing it will leak like a grass in prison under pressure.


    sorry this is if it's a lightforce lamp.
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    Yes chaps its the lightforce remote with t bar handle, yes it's running down the t bar chers for all info.

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