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Thread: How to skin deer video

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    How to skin deer video

    I have done some educational videos before including some carcass preparation/butchery demonstration videos, but for completeness I thought a skinning video would be nice. I think this method presented by BigScott270 of this forum is very nice and clean. I certainly am going to try it next time. I hope you enjoy it and thank you Scott for showing how to do that.

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    nice one scott/greg,atb doug,

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    Well done scot looks like you done that before.

    Good video greg keep them coming.

    Regards kev
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    Proper job that, well done. That's a thread well worth pinning.

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    Good job Scott you make it look easy!

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    Great well done mate and a real clean skinning job/ (one to try from me)

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    Excellent video, I don't think it will work on a muntjac, would be great if it did

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    Good job Scott you make it look easy!
    Aye and when he's at normal speed he will have it done under 2 mins. Best way I've seen.
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    well done scott nice job ps whats all the puffin and panting. lol

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    Your a dab hand at that Scott, mind you the knife looks very sharp !

    Rgds, Billy.

    Ps Imagine forgetting the cameraman sorry Greg... Nice Vid.
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