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Thread: 22-250

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    I'm hoping to pick up my 22-250 at the weekend , but probably mid week as time, money, moving home etc all happening at the same time something needs to give.

    Anyway, I'll be reloading for it, not initially but will, once everything settles down. I was using H380 for my .243 and was happy with the results. I have read up that this seems to be a very good powder to use in a 22-250 so I intend to do just that.

    The rifle is a Browning A Bolt in Stainless.

    Any reloaders out there who load for this rifle in that caliber? Views appreciated.


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    H380 is a very good powder in .22.250 it's the only powder i have used for several 22.250s i have owned.The sweet spot seems to be around 38-39.5 grains topped of with a 52gr a max head.It's a great round you will love it,Everything from long range rabbits to roe it does it all.

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    Not your caliber I know but I use H380 in my A Bolt 7-08. I struggled to get less than 2" groups with any load until I tried some magnum primers the other day and they shrank to 1", could be coincidence but I've heard somewhere that H380 needs magnum primers to burn better.

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    Hi TJ,

    You should find H380 perfect for your 22-250 as it was developed (I believe) specifically for this calibre using 38 grns!

    I use H380 in my 22-250 with excellent results for both 40grn Nosler BTips (one hole groups) and Sierra 55grn gamekings. I have also had very good results using it with with my 243.

    Nice easy powder to work with too!



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    +1 for H380

    As stated, it was developed specifically for the 22-250

    50gn SP and 38gn H380 is a good starting point and you will have the perfect load (for your rifle) in a very short time

    IMX the most important thing with a 22-250 is getting the OAL right for your rifle/bullet combination. Buying, or borrowing, a Hornady (Stoney Point) OAL gauge saves many hours experimenting.

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    a mate has R93 in 22-250.

    55gn b tip - 41gn h380 gives 1 hole @ 100 and sub 1" @300 yards.

    3600 fps out of a 23 3/4 barrell.

    i think i need this calibre in my collection 8)


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    ....just to add to some of the previous comments on 22-250 reloading -

    The OAL seems to be critical with 22-250 so don't give up if you have less than good results at 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 thou off as my Ruger VT shoots best at -135 and another I know of is best at over 220 thou off

    Also a lot of older reloading manuals show max (around) 39gr for H380 but I know a few people have loaded up to 42gr without pressure signs. As ever, start low & work up.

    I use Sierra 1360 55gr with 38gr H380 and CCI standard (not magnum) primers and get one hole groups. All cases trimmed to 1.90

    One final thought - give Prvi Partizans a try as some rifles shoot them really well (and some don't!). These will be as cheap as reloading - and if they don't work wll then PP brass is excellent for reloading (rumoured to be made by Lapua).

    Good luck.

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    a mate of mine had 22/250 he use to use h380 and 52 grain amax and said it was superb.

    ive yet to try it as im using varget at the moment and get good groups with this. pushing 50grain vmax.

    as for the col i found my rifle shoots best with bullet sat deep in the case so there is a jump.

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    Had good results with varget or N140. Found that in my rifle the 52gr Nosler BTHP custom match preformed really well. Seemed more reliable accuracy wise than 52gr a-max and very reliable expansion. Less explosive than a-max.


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    Good or Bad? Well, due to an error in the ordering there was a Blue/Wood A Bolt for collection, I declined the offer.....I ended up with another Tikka T3 Lite in Stainless/Synthetic in 22-250, I do like the Tikka, but was a bit more than I had wanted to spend, but it's done now, saved me getting a suitable mount for the PM 2 to be fitted as the Aples and Optilocks do just fine.

    So, load development for the Tikka once I have shot the 40 fectory Fed's that I bought.


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