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Thread: anyone using a burris scope?

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    anyone using a burris scope?
    anyone using one of these? was going for another zeiss but noticed one of these..
    some feedback would be really appriciated.

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    Just got a Burris 3.5x10x50 ir for my sako 270 it was in the same shop and second hand and looked pretty good glass 175 bargain as was the rifle
    Never had a vari before on a c/f so we will see how she goes but first impressions they look well made proof will be in the field .

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    I have one, nothing wrong with it imo. Does the job, I have a fixed power Burris and 2 more variables all on centrefires, .223, .308, 8x57 none of them have ever lost zero or presented any problems. I had a problem with one which was a manufacturing defect - GMK promptly replaced it with a new one.

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    I have an older Burris 6x40mm duplex, which is, to my eye, as good as the Leupold 6x42mm.
    I have Fullfield II 3-9x40 with BDC reticles on two .30-06s, a 7x64, and a .308.

    My 7mm-08 M70 Compact wears a 1.75-5x22 FFII, perfect for such a small rifle.

    I have a 2-7x35 with BDC on a .280 SHR 970, and am going to put one on a .270 Mannlicher Model M Stutzen.
    All of these but one are in QD Warne rings.

    I am going to also put a FFII 2-7x35 on .375 H&H, because I don't have 30mm rings for my 1.25-4.75x off my previous .375 H&H.

    The 2-7x35mm is a great scope for a light walk around rifle, like a Tikka T3 Lite. The duplex on all these is like the Leupold fine duplex, with a narrow fine section, so you can pick up the thicker reticles and get on target, but the fine reticle is good enough for load test / sight in at 100 and 200 yards. The BDC works. The glass is clear, with more than 98% light transmission. They have a nice eye box and enough eye relief for a .375.

    A really good scope on the not-to-large size is the 4.5-14x42 AO. The MTACs come in 30mm tubes with 1/2 Mil Dot reticles and 1/10 mil turrets, which is really easy to work.

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    Burris Fullfield withstood many a day out on a .270, glass good enough for my needs on deer.
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    I have three Burris scopes. One variable 1.5 x 6 signature scope on my 375 HH. Shot Africa and Finland with it in temperatures of 30'plus and the lowest -27' Good robust scopes and well worth paying for, however I bought all of mine in USA.
    I have a red dot variable on one of my two, 243's and again no problems with it now since purchased about 10 years ago. The last is a smaller glass on my 303 and again no issues wit it what so ever.

    All my scopes are either Leupold or Burris. I refuse to pay stupid prices in this country, and have purchased everyone in the states.
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    Really tempted after all those good reviews!
    Just want something for stalking an bit of fox work...

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    Really tempted after all those good reviews!
    Just want something for stalking an bit of fox work...

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    I use a burris fulfield11 on a 270 been all around the world hunting still working well and i use it foxing also, atb wayne i like the ballistic plex ret, atb wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by soother223 View Post
    Really tempted after all those good reviews!
    Just want something for stalking an bit of fox work...
    You are putting this on what rifle / caliber, ranges on fox?

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