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Thread: First successful stalk

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    First successful stalk

    I've been very lucky to be invited by mr digger9523 of this parish, to go on a few roe stalks.... this was the fourth time he'd taken me out, but the first morning stalk, and we had a result after less than half an hour.

    Got me a very healthy roe buck, well healthy except for a broken antler (broken in velvet, we think, close to the base) and the other one had one missing point. I think the shot was at about 140 yards. It was about 5:45am, cool, and a mild on-and-off drizzle.

    Bit of a rubbish photo as the light was in the wrong direction:

    I kind of knew you have to be quick when the opportunity presents itself, but until it happens you don't realise how true that is. Nick said "He's all yours, take him when you can" and before I had time to think too much about it I'd steadied on my sticks, lined up, and squeezed, and it was all over for bambi.

    I was a bit apprehensive about watching the gralloch up close as I'm a bit squeamish, but it was less disturbing / disgusting than gutting a rabbit, to be honest. I think because everything's big enough that you can see what's what, whereas a rabbit it's just a kind of jumble of stinky yuck.

    Nick's skill doing the gralloch is humbling... he makes it look so easy. I'm sure the first one I do will end up a total mess. I learned shedloads, it was absolutely fascinating. Plus, he did it with a rather special knife, but I'll give that its own thread.

    Cheers Nick.... had a brilliant morning and can't wait for the next opportunity

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    Congratulations,that will be a lasting memory!!

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    Been out with nick,good man who knows his stuff and puts you at ease ( think he could sense I had a dose of buck fever! ) put me on a young muntie buck, as if he knew it would appear, sure enough it did. Pretty handy with a knife too! By the way well done on the buck

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    nice one well done to you both,doug,

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    well done m8 my first red grassed and i did the gralloch being talked through it by buckbones will be in my small furry head for ever n and a day

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    Well done mate he's a good egg is Nick!!
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    Congratulations! I believe Digger offered to help me out back in the day before I'd shot my first deer. I was unable to take up the offer at the time, but it's good to see that continued generosity! I'm still chasing after that first roebuck. We shall see what this weekend brings. As for the gralloch, it's easier when no-one's watching...

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    Was a pleasure to have you out mate, hope the liver sinks nicely this evening.
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    Congratulations! Hopefully the first of many.


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    Thanks all

    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    Was a pleasure to have you out mate, hope the liver sinks nicely this evening.
    Bloody lovely! Not had roe liver before, it was rich and melt-in-the-mouth, beautiful. Accompanied by onions and mash and a rasher of bacon.

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