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Thread: Taking kids fishing......

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    Taking kids fishing......

    Over the years my sister has made a habit of brining her grandsons to visit me for a fishing trip when they turn 9 years old....She lives in Phoenix, Az...and those kids don't see much water or grass let alone fish... This year is was Braden's turn to fish....

    We have had massive rains here and the rivers are very high...I was sure that the fishing would be dismal, or at the very least extremely tough! Anyway, we went to the river and began hunting for big catfish using mostly cut skipjack and nightcrawlers.... After about 5 set ups and 2 hours of fishing without a bite I could see Braden losing interest.... We came to a perfect place...lots of logs and brush piled along the bank and we set up there...on the way into get anchored I could see a lone big fish on the bottom with the sonar...too good to be true I thought....
    We had the bait in the water about 10 minutes...Brayden was doing the things a kid does when he is bored....he was sitting in front of me and I was watching his rod....the tip took a short dip..then another, this time it doubled the rod....I grabbed the middle of the rod and set the hook...all the while telling Brayden to grab the rod...when I let go of it he could not get it out of the rod holder, the fish had it pinned to the holder!! Finally, I helped him get it out and the fight was one!!

    I can say he had his hands full for a while, and he was sure that cat was going to pull him out of the boat...I told him that is why he was wearing a life jacket!! We finally got it into the net!!

    Brayden was was a nice flathead catfish...didn't have the scale along to weigh it but it was between 8 and 10lbs, and plenty big enough to make any kid happy!

    He caught one more tiny blue cat during the day, and when we pulled into the shade for lunch we tossed out the baits and put on the feedbags my sister's rod got a bend in it.... She finally landed another cat that was nearly identical to the one Brayden had in the cooler already!! So she was a happy camper as well!!

    We tried a few more places and it was getting hot, so when Brayden indicated he had had enough fishing we called it a day!

    Turned out to be a better day of fishing than I expected...they each got a nice big fish that will make a great feed as well! Not much better than putting a kid on a big fish!


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    well done to you all, a fitting end to the day,atb doug,

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    well done m8,6 grandkids only 1 fishes but weve took him and made sure he,s got all the bells n some of the whistles too .both the mrs n me fish n just to get 1 away from the playstation and catching is a result

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    Well done, he won't forget that one in a hurry
    Fish is a great colour as well, is that the coloured water doing that ?
    Or is that not a Channel Cat, Ictalurus punctuates ? I used to keep them in a tank, and the garden pond when they outgrew
    the tank. All I have seen over here are either a slate grey/blue, or albino pink complete with red eyes.
    The last pink one is still in one of my fishing club lake, which is where I retired it to after selling the house that had the pond.
    No Idea how long they live normally but this one was bought at about 3 inches long in 1985, it is now around 25lb and has been for
    a good few years now, it lives in a no fishing stock pond, so has an easy life with a free feed 2 or 3 times a week.


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    Superb stuff! Hope to get my soon out soon, he's only five though! I think we can all relate to the last picture after a day on/in the water!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Hornet6...the river we fished in has Channel cats, Blue cats and Flathead catfish...the one in the pictures are Flatheads....they are quite predatory and usually prefer live fish as bait... they vary in color from that yellow to a dark mottled brown. They are excellent eating too! The record flathead here in Arkansas is something over 100lbs!

    Getting kids out fishing is good therapy for everyone involved!!


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    must have been some work to get them in the boat! they look like fighters!

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    Great looking fish!

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