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Thread: new to stalking

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    new to stalking

    hi guys im new to stalking Can any one tell me how much a basic setup costs and what a basic setup consists of?


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    Hi Russ,basic setup well it depends if you want new or would be happy with good used equipment if you know what to look out for good used gear will do just the job, there are just so many variables so unless you specify a budget its hard to put a price on it, you will need obviously a rifle of suitable calibre scope and mounts and also binoculars and a good knife would be a nessesary items think you would be hard pressed to get a good basic complete kit for less than say 1000 shop around you may find bargain good luck!!!!!!

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    cheers fr that pal i will be looking at second hand gear t begin with and upgrade it as it needs it.

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    I'm not trying to put a dampener on it for you Russ but I have also found that there are lots of additional expenses that you don't think about if you just consider binos/rifle/scope. You will need ammo to practise with, and a slip for the rifle, and cleaning things for the rifle, and a vehicle that can get you to the stalking area and that can be used to extract the deer, and a sling for the rifle and maybe some sticks to shoot off, and a bipod, and decent clothing, and maybe a DSC1 course, and a few days stalking with a professional stalker now and again, and you might be lucky to get a lease on stalking near to home and...

    However, I have to highlight that I'm from a working class background and have a very modest income and absolutely no family or other connections with stalking and I've managed to do it and I love it. My only regret is that I didn't do it years ago. Based on that I would recommend you to go for it if it is what you want to do.

    A chap I was talking to recently bought a Parker Hale rifle 2nd hand for a few hundred quid, he was on the range with me and his rifle shot better than is necessary for stalking. I bought my 8X56 S&B scope 2nd hand, top notch glass, for 250. I already had a pair of Minox HG binos but they are currently available new for around 400 so you might get a 2nd hand pair for a lot less. Either way that would give you a great setup, that you will not need to upgrade, for less than 1000 but there will be additional costs. I use one of the Frost Clipper knives which are great and you can get them for about 10 and I had lots of good outdoor clothing anyhow as that can be a big expense. I use a big fish box and a sika fits into this very well and it all goes in the boot of my VW Golf, believe it or not. There are some places my Golf will not take me that a big 4X4 will go but I just have to accept that and adapt to it. I also went with 308Win as my cartridge as it is common as muck and so ammo and reloading materials are easier to find and may not be as expensive as with some other calibres/cartridges. Many on here make their own shooting sticks and will be happy to provide info and instructions.

    The other thing I found was that it was a slow process, I started out booking a few days stalking with a professional stalker in Scotland for red deer hinds. I loved that and would recommend this as a first move if you haven't already done it. I then started moving towards getting my own rifle and so on. It has been a slow process and has taken about 5 years so the expenditure has been spread out a bit.

    Hopefully that helps a little and good luck with the project.

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    Right now some others have made some good suggestions i'll chime in Now Russ you don't say what shooting experience you have

    My first suggestion is to join a local shooting club and get shooting practice. this will also help get a FAC if you don't already have one. However if you don't already have a FAC then it will be at least 6 months before you can apply due to the rules imposed coverign probationary members.

    The suggestion of getting a .308 is a very good one as you can get good quality target grade ammunition for practice. Soft point is for zeroing and actual hunting only as according to the plonkers, whoops sorry plods , it's too dangerous for target practice .

    When I first started stalking I used a British DPM surplus jacket and an old pair of cords. In cold weather I simply put a pair of jogging pants on underneath. My first stalking binos were a pair of 8x30 1930's French binos I found in a House clearence (junk) shop.

    Now I just did a quick search on the guntrader website and for under 500 you should be able to get a good rifle with scope and possibly even already screwcut. The choice of suitable rifles is very wide so you will be spoilt for choice You need to set yourself a budget and then see what you can get for your budget.

    To start in stalking a lot of commercial operations have "estate rifles" availabel for loan of hire to get you started. Good luck and I really hope you enjoy what is a truely absorbing interest.

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    with an open-ended question like that you're going to get a real range of replies. Assuming you've got the basics (clothing, boots etc), then 1500 will set you up with a rifle that can shoot straight, an ok scope, and some binos, so that's the bare minimum

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    Hi Russ,
    Take your time, decide on a budget and try and stick to it.
    just make a list post it and then ask for comments, then we will know what you might have missed of nice to haves you dont really need.


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    I happen to know the whereabouts of a gorgeous little Mannlicher (SBS type) delux in 243, delux grade Stutzen stock, S&B 8x56 in immaculate condition. 900 buys the lot.

    I would have it home if I could get a slot for it. Might not be an ideal first rifle, but it w ould work for me.

    There are plenty of good deals out there. Older wooden stocked Sako's and Tikka's in 308 and 270 can be had for 400-500. I would rather have a good older rifle with a wooden stock than a cheap new rifle with flexible plastic stock. Good scope can be had for 300 - 400 second hand. Watch out on ebay and the classifieds here for a Meopta or a fixed mag Euro scope. A mod is not necessary for an occasional stalker, though it is nice to have. 1000 wisely spent will set you up for a long time.

    You can get a decent waterproof and windproof Deerhunter outfit for under 200. Neoprene Muckboots are 50.

    Spend as much as you can on Bino's, your money goes furthest with Minox these days.

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    Im fairly new to stalking myself. I don't earn lot most of this is financed by overtime. Since last year I have been buying bits and bobs each month. It seems to be the little things which add up, but once you have it all your sorted. He is a list of stuff I have got to get me started. I had this list anyway, it helps me budget and I buy something each month. None of it is top of the line brand name as i cant see the point in that, but it will do the job. A lot of stalking items you will find will be expensive but get on the net and you will find it cheaper, shop around. look on too.

    2nd hand Scope 8x56 S&B 375
    Rifle Slip 40
    scope lens covers Butler creek 18
    Cutco frost knives 2 @10 each
    Bullet pouch 10
    Scope cover 8
    chest saw 8
    FAC wallet 10
    Hand wipes 2
    .308 rifle 775
    Rifle Cleaning kit 30
    Mounts 90
    Sling 20
    Rifle bolt holder 7
    Steiner night hunter xp 7x 50 Binos 600
    Bipod 60
    To join the NRA at Bisley 35 plus 70 induction course at bisley
    To use the range at bisley it varies 19 - 60
    Getting FAC 50
    Gun safe 120
    Boot bag 10
    Cost of a stalking outing 45 plus cull fee from 20 to 160 but generally 20 as I only shoot does.
    Made my own stalking sticks 8..ish
    DSC1 Course at BDS 275 I think.

    Hope this help John

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    Fair play John

    That should be a good steer Russ

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