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Thread: Hello Again

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    Hello Again

    Right, after a very messy divorce lasting four and half years, things seem to have got back on an even keel and so I now have more time to do the things that I enjoy and that includes checking in to here and other forums/FB groups etc. that I belong to and thought I'd start off by Re-Introducing myself again.

    So as the name suggests I live in Suffolk and have been shooting and involved in various shooting sports and disciplines for in-excess of 25 years from Air rifle through to CF.

    Thanks to the sale of the Marital home in April, I finally managed to afford a few things that I had been wanting to either buy or do and undertaking the DSC1 was top of the list. Booked it in April after being at the EA Gamefair and speaking with a course provider and from Friday to yesterday have now sat it. (Waiting patiently for the letter to come through the post over the next 3-4 weeks).

    Good to be back and avidly reading through the forum pages again gleaning more info from you all.


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    Welcome to the site, again

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Glad to hear you are back on top again, and welcome.
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