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Thread: Shoot Signage?

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    Shoot Signage?

    Does anyone know a site to download shoot signs, such as keep out etc?

    I could make my own, but I have seen some very proffesional ones on shoots before and think they are far more likely to be effective than my home made efforts!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thank you! Think I might *******ise that design and add my own bits below as I want to major more on the trespassing but with warning of shooting too.

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    Why do you not just write a Farmer Palmer type warning... "OI get orf moi laand??

    But seriously we stopped loose dogs by putting a sign on a few gated warning of an "adder breeding study in progress".
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    Ha, thats good! A fair few miles away from any adder colonies, but still knowing the clientele that could work!

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    Yes, the "adders" one always seems to work.

    Especially if you make an image of an adder and then words such as WARNING - ADDERS" and then 'If Bitten Seek Immediate Medical Advice - Nearest Hospital - XXX Royal Infirmary" and another with same image but saying "DANGER - Can Be Fatal To Dogs and Other Domestic Animals" and then laminate them. All you need is to capture an image and use MS Word for the text.

    Maybe you could jazz it up a bit? Photoshop two heads on each adder? Bit of red ink "blood" around the teeth? Make the fangs dispropotionately large? Pictures of dead dogs off RSPCA and PDSA websites? Plant a few false stories in the local press? "Adder bite killed my dog". That sort of thing?

    But all in the best possible taste of course! But...obviously not so far as to then get an SSSI Order slapped on the place!
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    Best sign I've used to keep people out is "Chemical spraying in progress", Chainsaw signs seem to attract people

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