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Thread: Hello from The Western Isles

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    Hello from The Western Isles

    Ladies and gents,

    My name is Scott, I'm 23 and I'm a beat keeper for the estate in South Uist. Been with them for 2 years now, just completed my UHI HNC in Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management. Originally from the island and have been on the island all my life (except for 3 years at uni in Glasgow) and for the past 6 years I've been involved with the goose shooting for the estate and have recently been involved more in the deer stalking on the estate due to a change of head keeper (the old one has retired).

    Looking forward to getting to know other ways people do things and will no doubt be on the scrounge (I'm Scottish, it's what we do ) for things that others don't need which might help me in my career.

    Stag season has just opened so I hope to get out a lot more to stalk the majestic Red deer on these islands.

    All the best,


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    Welcome Scott.
    Don't be afraid to ask re kit, if ye dinnae ask etc...
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Thanks very much kind sir. Have a good season.

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    Welcome Scott,
    ive been to south Uist fishing but never stalking, I'm very envious of you as it's a beautiful place!
    whats the best way to find out about the stalking (availability and prices etc)?
    all the v best,

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    Went for a job in the north many moons ago, but the land owners were more interested in corncrakes.
    You are a lucky man.
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    Thanks very much chaps.

    Mike, contact the office on 01878700101 tomorrow morning. Jennifer can handle it no problem but Rory (headkeeper) will be in the office tomorrow if you want to have a chat with him. Can't currently post links but if you google search 'Grogarry Lodge' then click 'activities' then 'shooting' you'll see the old headkeeper with a guest and his stag in a fantastic setting.

    Not sure how you're placed time of the year wise but a fishing party with morning goose flights and deer stalking in September is the norm and would go down a treat if mentioned tomorrow. Spoke to Rory an hour ago and the end of September has been taken by a chap wanting to stalk all 5 days (weather permitting).

    Thanks again folks, I'll post up some pictures of my first hind and first stag shortly and possibly a short account of each just incase you aren't bored of me yet


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    Hi and welcome to sd all the very best

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    Welcome to the site, Scott don't want to be a pain but you can't be advertising your estate without being a trade member. It would only cost a tenner a month, tell your boss and get him to loosen his wallet

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