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Thread: Regular picker up wanted for 10 days 2014/15 season. ABERDEEN area

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    Regular picker up wanted for 10 days 2014/15 season. ABERDEEN area

    Friendly driven shoot within half an hour of Aberdeen.120 to 150 bird days.

    One of my regular pickers has (at 72) decided to take it a bit easier this season.
    So we are looking to find another man with a couple of good dogs, who can make it to the 10 days we have here.
    Ideally he/she would be able to make all the days, we shoot mainly Thursdays and Saturdays.
    Full cooked lunch, good banter, plenty birds to take home if you want 0, and a wage packet on top !

    Cock shoot Jan, and a chance to shoot a flight of geese now and again and pigeon and rabbit in the off season.

    I need to know you will make it on the days. "I might be able to make it" Wont do.

    Must be able to take the piss and take it on the chin when it comes back!

    Drop me a PM if interested.
    Thank you
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    Still looking for a picker-up if anyone is interested?
    Drop me a line and I will send you the dates to see if it fits in your programme.

    Room for one or two beaters as well ! Get in touch.

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    Hi George
    i have just seen your advert requesting a picker up. Are you still looking for a picker up, if so I may be available if you have the dates. I have two little bitches that I use, one cocker spaniel and one springer spaniel, I live in Tarland Aberdeenshire, I have my own four by four which I use when picking up. If you are still looking I have some videos taken this season of my dogs picking up, (water retrieves, blind runners, blinds and runners) these I can easily email to you to view. Both dogs are great with other dogs no growling, snarling or snapping, they are very good dogs and work well. (Mind you everyone's own dogs are great lol).
    I look forward to hearing from you
    best regards

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