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Thread: Tikka T3 Hunter 6.5x55 PRICE DROP TO 700

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    Tikka T3 Hunter 6.5x55 PRICE DROP TO 700

    Hi guys. I have decided to sell my tikka t3 hunter. The rifle was bought new in June and has fired less than 100 rounds. I bought a .270 recently and love it.. it comes out 90% of the time so i cant realy justify having the two. The Tikka is in imaculate condition and with RWS 129 grain amo i will shoot 1/4-1/2inch groups at 100yards all day long. Rifle will come with a bipod which is the medium copy of the haris, and some low 30mm optilock rings and basses. The rifle is screw cut 14x1 by Mike Noris and the sale will also include a ASE JETZ compact mod which is ok up to 30 cal. The mod has not even had 30 rounds through so is in great condition and i have only had it for around 2-3 months. Rifle, Mod, rings and bipod all for only 850. Genuin buyers are welcome to test the rifle on private range. I am not in a rush to sell this as it realy is a cracking rifle.. if i dont get that price or very very near to it i will just keep it. Pics can be sent on request. Thanks for looking. All the best. Mo PS i will also chuck in 3 and bit boxes of RWS amo.
    price droped to 700, found somthing i want to buy!

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    price now droped to 700.

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    Guys have seen this rifle a couple of times, its a lovely rifle and i good nick...

    Mo is also extremely genuine so i shouldn't see the buyer having any problems with him...

    Also a bargain at 700


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    rifle now sold

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