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    Ruger VLE

    Hi All

    I am looking for my first centrefire. For a while this is going to be my "do every" thing rifle. That is fox and smaller deer as well as upto 600m at bisly with my club.

    As I have 243 on my FAC this will be the calibre I will be using.

    I have seen this which seems to fit my budget, It has a medium barrel weight as advised by the target boys. I will then put a Vortex scope on it.

    Any reasons not to buy this? or should I be looking at something else.


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    A friend has had one of these ( the first model ) in .308 Win, for 20 years. His father was a gunsmith for the US Army, then for his police department SWAT unit, but he bought this. First deer season, he put up a target at 300 yards, across his property, and every day for a month, on the way to work he stopped the car, got out, and took one cold barrel shot, standing, off a bag on top of a fence post. At the end of the month, he had a 2 inch group. That has been his deer stand rifle ever since.

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    243 10" twist might not be the best combination for 600m, saying that a 87gr v-max at 3200fps out of a 1/10 border barrel I had shot quite well out to 600meter.
    My choice now would be a 1/8 twist as it will do 100, 105gr well, be ok for larger deer and could still shoot 80gr.

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    Thanks for the replies

    So the 1/10 twist would not suitable for 100gr ammo? which is what I had in mind to use for everything.


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    1/10 twist will be borderline for 100gr. especially longer match bullets.

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