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Thread: First Deer (Hind)

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    First Deer (Hind)

    Shot my first deer last February. Having not been involved in the stalking to the extent that I should have, the stalker invited me out to fire some shots at the target and then try for my first hind. Meeting him at the target, I assumed I would be given all morning to get used to the rifle set up having very little rifle shooting experience. I was wrong. I fired my first shot at the target and it hit at 10 o'clock. "Fire another shot exactly as you just did" I was told, so I did and it hit beside the first shot. A quick adjustment on the scope from the stalker and I fired twice more, both shots hitting 12 o'clock. Ideal firing high at that range because it will level out at the range we'll be taking them at, apparently. "Spot on, we'll head off" I was told. Madness to be off for deer so quickly I thought but I was feeling confident so agreed that the stalker knew what he was talking about.

    We took the argocat a short distance (about half an hour drive) and left it at the bottom of the chosen hill. We stalked our way carefully up to the higher ground and scanned. Nothing. "They were round the corner here yesterday" I was told, so off we trotted. We eventually spotted movement not far from where they were the day before and seen 2 hinds tucked up in a very stalkable position. We made our way into them and got to 100m before we rested and scoped whether the smaller hind was that years calf or not. It wasn't. So I was instructed to shoot the bigger one when they stood up. We waited there for what felt like an age before the smaller one got up and then immediately after that the bigger one stood up and stretched. The very second she stopped stretching I was told "now" and my instincts took over to pull the scope up her front leg then back an inch and squeeze. She dropped dead immediately and fell a short distance down the hill. I was ecstatic. First shot at deer resulted in an instant death. "I've shot loads of deer Scott, but seeing you get your first deer under me is the highlight of my stalking career" completely made my day. That stalker is now my headkeeper, the father of one of my good friends whom I have known for many years and have shot with at geese for a few years. It's nice when things work out.

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    very nice write up there scott all the best doug,

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    nice write up,thanks for sharing a very memorable day with us

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    nice write up, well done

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    Well bloodied!!!

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    Nice write up. Well done!!

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    Thank you for sharing, your first Hind / Deer

    Well Done
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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