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Thread: Advice of anther bitch joining

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    Advice of anther bitch joining

    Hi advice please.

    as some may no I've got a three year old dachsund bitch who has a great temperament very relaxed perfect behaviour great all round dog etc....
    we contemplated breeding her but was advised against as she was under the recommended weight so have purchased another, not yet taken delivery as will do at the end of the month. She will be ten week old. We looked very hard and found in what we believe is a identical match even share the same father genes. Mum and dads temperament are ver calm, relaxed etc. we took our dachsund down and done a little introduction and everything seemed great.

    I am after people's honest opinions please on how your own experiences with introducing another dog same sex, and breed. I no initially things will be hectic etc... But anytimg I should be aware about as we don't want to cause any behavioural or effects etc to our current hound.

    So what can I expect....
    what are long term outcomes.....
    anything to be aware of.....

    We haven't just bought any dachund research looked back into gemes etc hoping and believing we have looked on behalf on all involved.

    some nerves are kicking in
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    All breeds have very different characteristics i know nothing of teckels / dachsund.
    As they are a badger hunting hound, they could be a little on the fractious side ?
    As an example i would not recommend keeping two working terrier of different ages together ?
    You know the characteristics of the breed what is you gut instinct
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    Terriers will be terriers one minute they are having a ball next min they are killing each other not 100% sure about tecks of the working variety ,I had a 5yr old gsd dog soft as butter absolutely muller a ten week old lab bitch which shook our household I wasn't expecting that and it was traumatic and fatal all I'd say is keep a very close eye on them .
    good luck mate.
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    O sxxt hope doing right thing.
    Say it's 90% house pet 10% on tracking etc.
    Say my current dachshund is an awesome temperament and after looking at the pup along with mum similar. I live a style no kids

    Any other ideas.

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    iv had a lot of different dogs over the years and introduced them to one another without any bother .they are probably better off introduced outside of the resident dogs domain out for a walk etc then you dont get the natural instinct to protect its territory resulting in some serious fighting but on the whole should be ok as previous poster said terrier type dogs can be hard work although i wouldnt put a daschund in the terrier class as such kinda not like a yappy over protective jack a matter of interest is it from some imported working strain or bred from 100% show/ pet strain.?it can make a hell of a difference

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    Chunky sailor cheers for your reply.
    There both 100% from show bbreeders. Even share same father genes. Say mines 3 and pup will be ten weeks olds when collect her. Yeh I heard that should meet away from the home. So take them away for first hour. We've researched and believe found like for like temperament. My current dacs met the mum and new pup no problems.

    We're not going to make a fuss of the pup just continue as we would normally so current dacs doesn't get gellous.

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    I ment ti add that I Decdied against blood lines as I can't devote or worthy that volume of time and.wanted to get as similar pup as current pup.

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    I have two bitches that I kennel together, a Patterdale and a working Cocker.
    99% of the time they get on well, the 1% is usually over something stupid and they go for it. The Patty usually wins, and has cut the Cocker a few times, but its all quickly forgotten and they don't hold grudges.
    When the Patty was introduced I also had a male Toller, but that didn't stop her from kicking off! Typical terrier!!
    One other thought, the Patty is intact but the Cocker isn't and neither was the Toller. Being intact should make her top dog, but she still cleans the Cocker, so Im not sure where she thinks her place is.
    Work them hard, treat them like heros.

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    We have 6 bitches all living happily together. When we got our Teckel there were 5 older GSP's in the household. The youngest in particular got on very well with her the others "put up with her"! Fortunately she knew how to approach other dogs so there was never any bother as she was very respectful to the older ones. When we got our next pup, a GSP, the Teckel thought the pup was the best thing since sliced bread and took the pup under her wing. Someone smaller than she! We lost our two oldest dogs and got another pup which the Teckel also took to straight away and this one became her "new best friend"! I don't know if it was a size thing or what but I can honestly say we've never had any problems. Good luck and enjoy your dogs

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    Cheers I can't honestly wait now, three weeks to go and they seem three very long weeks indeed.

    Ill post pictures when I take collection.

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