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Thread: Cyclists

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    Is it time that all cyclists were required to have standardized training before they were allowed on the road to equip them with road sense and should they be required to have third party insurance?

    I believe all those under 18 should be required to be trained and those above that age could be regarded as having grandfather rights.

    Third party insurance could be a specific policy or part of their home cover policy.

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    Maybe something similar for people crossing roads and walking along paths aswell.
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    yes/yes /yes they are a pain in the derier and its all think bike then the clowns ride 16 abreast down country roadslatest today farmers in yorkshire dyeing sheep yellow to represent the yellow jersey ,should be changed to yellow lycra
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    And to have stabilizers and a flashing beacon on there helmets

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    Bring back dog licences too and a test in keeping them under control...

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    Worst thing they do is deliberately move to try and stop you overtaking when they don't think you ought to. I'll decide if my planned manoeuvre is safe, and if it is the last thing I want is a lycra clad muppet swerving into my path thinking he's making himself safer...
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    oh sod it. just ban the sale of bikes they also kill people the same as knifes and hand guns.

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    a tank ariel with flag,beware knobhead below,

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    If they want the same laws as motorist then they should abide by the same rules an pay road tax

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    If they want the same laws as motorist then they should abide by the same rules an pay road tax
    I think it may come to that for Road Cyclists, especially in London. Too many of them think they own the road, especially on country roads round where I live.
    The trick is to sit behind them and rev that V8 for a couple of miles.....

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