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Thread: Binoculars

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    what sort of bino's should i be looking at getting guys?

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    Minox 8.5x42 if you can run to around 400.

    Absolutely excellent, 99% plus of the performance of Bino's that cost over three times the price.

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    If you cant run to 400 then minox BV are well worth a look


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    Money no object, Swarovski EL 8.5x42.

    Cheaper, but still quality, Minox;

    Cheaper still, ex military with very good write ups, IOR 7x40.

    Atb, ft

    Edit: I have just remembered reading about a new set of porro prism bino's (like the old tank commander ones) that Minox are doing. According to the "experts" it is harder to make modern roof prisms as effective as porro prism, although roof prism's are much nicer to handle. So Minox have come up with a new pair of Porro's that out perform their roof ones. I will try and find the link.

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    Minox for me also, mine are Minox BV 8x42 BR's currently going for 161.00 plus 13.00 postage on e-bay, highly recommended.


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    It's a slow day and i have just been trolling through about binoculars and light transmission %'s of various Bino's, and found this;

    Fully coated lense binoculars can increase light transmission from 50% to around 80 - 85% which is now the norm for low cost binoculars. If you want something a bit more special that will increase light transmission to 95% or above then you want to go for fully multi coated lense binoculars and, for extra durability and advance quality viewing, take a look at the exclusive coatings offered by some of the top manufacturers. Bushnell Elite binoculars come with Bushnell's exclusive XTR technology (60 layers of coatings on each prism) which delivers 99.73% light transmission per lense.

    For the full article;


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    Another for Minox

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    How good are the Minox BV compared to the Minox HG? Are the HG worth the extra couple of hundred quid?

    I'm going to be flying back via Germany and thinking of getting a new binocular out there. Might not be cheaper though.

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