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Thread: rcbs lubamatic 2

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    rcbs lubamatic 2

    i know it ain't nothing to do with stalking but i got it in a job lot of reloading gear and i don't have a clue about what it does or how it does it!
    Swages and lubricates cast bullets in one smooth step. Just insert bullet in Sizer Die, and then pull handle down. As the handle is raised back up, the sized and lubricated bullet is automatically ejected. A fingertip regulator allows fine tuning of lubricant flow. Depth rod adjustment screw regulates the depth the bullet will be driven into Sizer Die
    part no:80040

    don't know anything about this item but it looks as if it's hardly been used!!
    70 plus p&p

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    Many folks use cast bullets. I use them for almost all my hunting needs. That lubrisizer is a good unit. New here in the US is about $100. ~Muir

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    andy,the thing looks brand new,since we last spoke i bought some reloading gear of an old fellow who was giving up his guns and everything else so he threw it in with everything else,the go for about 150 over here new so hope to claw back some cash!!atb

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    Sell it to JAYB. HE is a cast bullet fanatic and probably needs another sizer... ~Muir

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