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    lader equipment

    Hi all. I am new to this site. I have been visiting for a while but not registered. Some may recognise me from other sites.

    I have been stalking for 5 years now, started on let days and have now progressed to some great fallow on local ground. With this progression I now require some lader knives. Any recomendations for suppliers?

    many thanks


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    A lot of people go to Dave Stretton at Donnington Deer Management:

    As well as knives and general lardering equipment he also does a very good DVD on butchering.

    If you want general butchery supplies then Scobies Direct is the place:

    Once you've done the butchering and you're ready to make sausages, head to Weschenfelders:

    Enjoy the lardering


  3. #3 Got to be the cheapest if the butcher trade use them.

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    714 These will sell you anything you need to set up.The products are high quality and durable and above all the prices are good.

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    Maybe the website is still working but I'm fairly sure Scobies went bust late last year?

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    It was Scobie Junior, its now Scobies direct there still there .

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