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Thread: Canoes, campfires and old the Boundary Waters Canoe Area....

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    Smile Canoes, campfires and old the Boundary Waters Canoe Area....

    Not long ago I spent 5 days paddling a canoe in the Boundary Waters Canoe is a 2 million acre designated wilderness area that lays on the Minnesota side of the Canadian border. Thousands of interconnecting lakes, rivers, creeks and portages. The use of the area is controlled so not too many campers are ever in any given have to have a travel permit to enter, but aside from that you can camp, fish, hunt and travel as you wish... I have been spending time in the BWCA since 1967....
    My fishing mate and I paddled into Perent lake this year...a destination that we have been to many times in the past, usually in a group of 4...but some of us have gotten too old now to make the it was Dave and I this year. We left the parking area...and carried the canoe and packs down the portage to the creek...and started down the creek, in the rain whilst being attacked by clouds of mosquitos.... We met a few canoes that were heading back out to the road...they looked like they were trying to escape...soaking wet, bug bitten and worn out. One look at the way their canoes were packed it was easy to see that they were novice campers...and they had paid the price! We would fare better than they on down Hog Creek we paddled...

    A few hours of paddling down the creek put us out into Perent lake....

    A couple more miles and we reached the spot we had planned to camp at for a few days of didn't take long to set up the tent...

    and get a pot of tea going!!

    Aside from the bugs, the trip in was easy..the rain stopped as we hit the lake..and for a change we didn't even have to paddle into the wind. We planned to spend 4 nights camping on the island, and fishing as the weather would permit... Hopefully we would be able to catch enough fish to have one good meal of fresh fish each day... And as it worked out the fish were very cooperative...the first evening we ended up with enough walleyes and one northern pike on the stringer for a good meal of fish...we elected to save the fish for lunch the next day since we had some steaks we had brought in for the first evening the stringer was soaked in the lake overnite while we worked on steak and some brandy water....

    Next morning we discovered that leaving the stringer in the lake had not been a good idea...the local snapping turtle helped himself to our fish...and all but the 2 smallest walleyes had been eaten by our visitor... So we decided that fish would be the lunch meal from then on, and we would only keep what we could into the canoe and off to catch some fish for lunch. It didn't take long to locate the fish again and before long we had enough fish for lunch...again!

    Fresh fish while out camping is pretty hard to beat! Sharing that time with an old friend makes it even better!

    We fished morning and evening...throwing what ever we caught in the evening back into the was good to spend time in the canoe fishing and exploring the lake again. The area is inhabited by moose, deer, bear, and wolves...but we didn't see any of those critters...but we did have one bald eagle land in a tree close by as we fished....when we drifted too close he left us alone to fish....

    I didn't get tired of eating fish.....and the brandy and Jameson's was dutifully consumed so that we wouldn't have to carry it out when we returned to civilization....

    I didn't tire of the scenery either.....

    In spite of the hoards of mosquitos in Hog Creek....our campsite was quite comfortable with very few we spent our evening sitting around the campfire, and discussing other trips we had made over the years... The BWCA is a unique area and is certainly worthy of a spot on anyone's bucket list....but we did a little thinking of our friends that no longer could make it into Perent country for old men...of course that had Dave and I thinking about how many more trips we might be making into the lake ourselves.....

    After 4 nights on our island, we packed the canoe and headed for the landing...

    As is the norm for the trip home...the wind came up and we paddled into the wind the whole way up the the mouth of Hog creek. Had we not gotten an early start we probably would have been wind bound and not able to cross the lake...once we got to the creek mouth we were sheltered from the wind....but then had to paddle up stream....we got a pretty good workout getting back up the creek.... It had been a good trip...lots of fish, good company of an old friend.....

    I hope I can make it back in there a time or two again!!

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    Super, really enjoyed reading that know how it feels also at an age when I wonder for how much longer I will be able to live life as I choose.

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    Thanks so much for this and a warm if belated "welcome" to the site.

    I suddenly feel the need for a larger knife!



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    cracking stuff well done to one and all.

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    What a fantastic trip - wide open spaces, beautiful scenery, solitude, and good company. That cooked fish looked mouth watering! Thanks for sharing.

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    Very nice read and made all the more enjoyable with the pictures. Did a little trip with my wife a couple years back in Nova Scotia, which looks very similar. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

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    I have some relatives in Arkansas, Ronald Bank from Little Rock, maybe you've heard of him.
    He keeps asking me to go White-tail hunting and fishing. Also got someone that keeps asking me to go Elk hunting in Colorado, they have a lodge there. A brother who now lives in Maine and his girlfriends brother has said to come hunting there too. Oh yeah and some other relatives who live in Florida somewhere.
    I must get off this bloody rock and visit you guys over the pond sometime.
    It looks very nice.
    “Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”........Dalai Lama

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    Good write up on a great trip.
    Is access closed at certain times of year...winter?.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    teyhan1...your signature line says it all! You have all the contacts, you need to 'get off the rock' as you say and take advantage of the offers in front of you.... Hunting in the states need not be expensive! If you have some one local to help you out, you have it made! Get yourself a hunters education card and you are ready to go...many of the states have pretty cheap non resident hunting licenses...but hunting in the western states does get to be pricey for non-residents... Arkansas is cheap hunting for non residents and we have a generous season and bag limit... Let me know if you are ever going to visit Little Rock, who knows what might be cooked up...

    Life is need to make some of those blokes make good on those invites!!


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