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Thread: FSA-Food Buisness Help/Advice Please

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    FSA-Food Buisness Help/Advice Please

    Hi All

    Im after some help and advice please on any of you that have gone thro the FSA food buisness registry with your local authority?

    Me and my friend stalk 20-30 deer a year and also run a small duck & pheasant shooting syndicate which up to now we have produced all end results for our own consumption or the other guns.

    This year we are looking into going one stage further to process our own birds plucked and drawn etc. and process our deer either as joints or sausages/burgers sell locally to pubs farmers markets etc.

    I have read thro the FSA flowchart and guidelines saying we need to register as a food buisness etc. with some guidelines saying what we need to setup etc.this is the part which i could do with some help with as to what is required from a work area? can a wodden shed/workshop be setup for skinning/processing? does worktops need to be stainless? etc. etc.

    We are only at the stage to see if this is even economically viable or is it a non starter?

    Thanks for all help in advance


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    You require to be to the same standard as any food outlet ,IE stainless steel or another impervious surface, this will be checked by your local authority environmental officer, as will the process of what your producing to conform to the local authority standards ,IE your sausages will be analyzed for meat content as will your pie's .

    Your kitchen will not suffice when your selling any meat produce.

    It's not quite plain and simple ,it can be very frustrating in as much as what you have to comform too, and records that must be kept ,if your making pie's or cooked meats seperate areas for processing and seperate records must be kept .

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    Hi Richard
    Much like Widow as said regards equipment.
    Got my food hygiene cert from my local authority last year,
    It will cost to kit your self out, but are likely to have most of the stuff anyway.
    You need to demonstrate that fur and feather are kept separate at all times,
    This will mean splitting you laddering facility’s,
    This is when it starts to cost Washable surfaces, that means walls and sealing and a chiller cold and hot water.
    The best way forward is to phone Inspector and ask what will they expect.
    Then be ready for the questions when they come to inspect you, they will ask you to explain the full process from the field to selling on. Very much like Level one and two and a bit more.
    But I got a young lady and she was new and grilled me for 3 hours.
    But with most local authorities they are all deferent.
    There is some other posts and threads last year on the subject have a look back

    Good luck


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    Widows son/Smithy

    Many thanks for your replys...

    like i said its just testing the water really to see if it is viable or not with hours i work as my main job etc. and if my garden is big enough to accomadate this without having a divorce on my hands.....



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    At the size you are it is jack____ to do with the FSA buddy, as you are exempt as long as you are only processing your own game for sale.

    Yes you will have to register as an FBO with your local authority & trust me on this they will be far easier & cheeper to deal with tham the FSA.

    The FSA only need to become involved if you are taking in deer or game from other sources & then you would have to apply for AGHE (approved game handeling establishment) status-this is when you need to have a big cheque book handy to deal with all the extra crap they are going to ask you to do to your aleredy adequate premises-that the local EHO was very happy with anyway!

    Let alone the £47.50 per hour + VAT for one of their spannish vets that to come & quote EU directive 852 & check every carcus that already has a signed Lantra decleration on it again!

    Sorry I will stop & not go off on one, just trust me on this if you can stay small & exempt then do its cheeper.

    Never never say you only wanted to sell a few packs of sausages at a farmers market either-as I say that alot in my plant!

    It drives the wife & staff bloody crazy when they are up to their elbows in meat & snags now 5 days a week!

    If you need any help of guidance then just PM me, as you are where I was at 5 years ago.

    Regs Lee

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    welcome to the world of certification!
    I'm sure that Lee will correct me if i'm wrong here, if you go down the road of sausages and burgers then you will need to have a Butchers License, which is a completely different kettle of fish to the other approvals that you will require.Your EHO will advise you, but I would not push for ground meat..
    Do not be suprised if your EHO also asks you to attain a Food Hygiene Certificate, if you re going to be selling to the public then it will have to be a minimum Intermediate Certificate.


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    You'd be better off starting with just straightforward 'game'. i.e. joints or packs of just venison, whole oven ready birds etc..
    As soon as you go down the processing route with things like sausages/burgers it becomes a nightmare! It's all about traceability. Stuff that you have shot and dealt with is easy as it is small quantities and can be dealy with under the 'trained hunter' exemption.
    Further processing means a whole load of extra rules and regs.
    Good luck anyway!

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    Thanks Guys for all your advice and help and it sure looks a difficult and un-certain world to make burgers and

    Will speak to my local EHO and see what he requires and then make a conclusion if its worth it or not...

    Again Many Thanks Everyone

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