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Thread: Hanwag Tatra Top GTX

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    Hanwag Tatra Top GTX

    I'm on the verge of ordering a pair of Hanwag Tatra Top GTX boots.
    Has anyone got any personal experience of Hanwag boots and can comment on their longevity, comfort, 'waterproofness' if such a word exists

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    I wear mine 350 days a year. They are comfy straight out the box. They on average they last 3 years. However I don't look after them and my current pair have had no leather treatment at all. I have never had to replace laces although the ends get a bit frayed after beating/brushing all season. the vibram sole out lasts the leather however the leather has never split open. I have never pulled an eyelet or hook .The only reason I changed the last pair was because they looked to scruffy for shoot days. From oct to may they are never dry. I'm on my 8th pair.

    awesome boots

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    Wag, thanks, exactly the sort of review I was hoping for.

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    Only boots I will wear. Been wearing them for the last 5 years now. You won't be disappointed. Make sure you wax them well and you won't have any problems.

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