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Thread: colours of foxes

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    colours of foxes

    Shot this last night thought it was unusual colour

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    Yes, that is unusual - I've never seen one like it.

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    i have heard there is a white one down close to the man above, but that woul;d be telling

    not seen on like that before either.

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    Very similar even same leg

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    could it be results of hair regrowing after damaged skin attack ? mange / mites etc never seen that light colour before ,seen nr black ones

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    heard rumours of a black fox ,nr my ground never lucky enough to see it though although did see a part white one a good few years ago

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    What unusual colourings on the foxes ......great pictures

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    colours of foxes

    Saw a pure black many years ago that was never shot to my knowledge and also a sandy/beige similar to a golden retrievers colour. On a side note, saw a piebald hoodie crow the other day. It didn't have just a few white feathers like you regularly see, but symmetrical pure white selected primaries and secondaries.
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    Down south don't they breed with Shetlands or is that a rumour

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