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Thread: fuel costs

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    fuel costs

    I reckon those of us who travel to stalk, are well aware that the fuel costs are a big chunk of the expenditure, I just had an e mail from a mate, It gives details of the stealth tax placed on fuel when vat was reduced to 15%, to compensate brown for his loss, this tax is STILL in place now that vat has returned to 17.5%!, a petition is up & running to have this stealth tax removed, you can sign it on-line same as the other like petitions that have been posted on here......number ten petitions online.

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    Very expensive isn't it !

    My Hilux costs 80 to fill up and does 360 miles running on mud terrains.

    Sometimes use 2-3 tanks a week when very busy!

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    The numbers vary slightly depending on who you listen to but it seems the motorist pays in excess of 36 billion per year, with some estimates well over 40 billion, in tax that is not used for roads, transport and similar. I guess most of it goes on bonus payments to bankers for keeping the economy in such good shape.

    John Major signed up to some international agreement when he was PM committing the UK to removing access to private transport for the ordinary citizen. Now, if they did that tomorrow morning there would be a riot, and economic collapse, so they are phasing it in over time. The bus will be dead handy for taking you stalking! That is the problem with letting an urban-centric government sign a treaty written by a bunch of raving green nutters who only experience life outside the city on their two week holiday each year when they drive through it pointing at things they want banned, from the comfort of their car of course as their need is much greater than ours.

    The big fear, of course, is that if there is a hung parliament then the green nutters might gain some power and that would be a complete disaster for this country and the end of rural life as we know it.

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    A certain bunch of crazy sounding wannabe's might just get a few votes this time round, I'm sure I can hear marching in the background

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    I agree, judging by virtually every interview/straw poll I've seen on the box recently the 'man in the street' seems determined to either not vote or give it to a minority party or independent candidate rather than see a return of any of the current shysters.

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    The whole thing is yet again the bustards have lied to us yet again just another example of the great British Rip off!

    I have a small parcel of stalkign perrmision but it's 200 miles away from where I now live and I simply cannot get down to it. Due to the horrors of the M25 it's takes between 3 1/2- 5 hours to get down there all depending on how free flowing the M11 and M25 are even on a straight run down that means approx 115 for fuel unless I borrow mothers little Rover which would reduce the cost but not allow access to the wood.

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    I really don't take umbrage at taxes, I do take very great umbrage at the way they slip stuff in when you are not looking, & I also get very p****d off when so much of the money gets squandered away on foreigners in far away lands who can't be ar**d to keep it in their trousers, instead of shrugging their shoulders & whinging the crops have failed again, All this time our own elderly & down & outs are left to fend for themselves!

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    HM Government kept that quiet! Here's the link to the petition... Deadline for signing is 12 March


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    We could repopulate devastated lands with our own scroungers! 8)

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    The true is though that who ever you vote for they'd still be ****..... and greedy as hell

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