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Thread: [or Swap] Lyman 31-Calibre M-Die (Long)

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    [or Swap] Lyman 31-Calibre M-Die (Long)

    Hello chaps,

    I've got a Lyman neck expanding M-Die in .31 calibre available for sale.

    It's one of these:

    It has been used to load a grand total of two (only 2!) dummy cast bullet rounds, so it's essentially mint condition / brand new - packing paper / instructions included.

    I'm selling because the dummy rounds I made wouldn't chamber: I picked the right size for the cast bullets I wanted to use, but the wrong size for my rifle.

    Price is 15 plus whatever the postage turns out to be - probably 2 or so. If anyone wants to swap for a .30 cal M-Die (long) in reasonable condition, I'll happily trade.

    Pictures will follow this evening.


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    Adam, I will take the die please. PM me details and I will sort out payment and return address for you. thanks.
    Gary Beechener

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    Garybeechener - you have a PM.

    Now sold, pending payment.
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