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Thread: New Night Vision launching at the CLA Game Fair

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    New Night Vision launching at the CLA Game Fair

    Hello all

    Just a heads up on some new kit and some things that are happening at the CLA Game Fair next weekend, including the NV kit that you can come and have a play with in our night vision tunnel, and try out various illuminators on a whole range of devices.

    We will also have the Pulsar, Guide, Flir and Optix range of thermal imagers to have a go with and compare.

    We will also be running some great show deals on our range of kit.
    Please Note: Some people have called and asked us to reserve kit for them at the event, we can only do so at show deal prices if you wish to pay a small token deposit.

    New ATN X Sight Digital Night Vision

    We will have the brand new ATN X Sight digital night vision riflescope available to try in our NV tunnel at the CLA Gamefair, which may be the ideal NV device for stalkers...(hear me out.)

    It's the first night vision device which utilises a full colour 1080P HD ATN L130 sensor to deliver full colour high res day time images for hunting during the day, switching to infrared/night vision at night for foxing or vermin control.

    So in theory, it means you do not need to dedicate a rifle to night vision, as you can use this one during the day to good effect also.

    It's packed full of features including

    5-18x magnification
    E Compass: a 3 Dimensional magnetometer sensor creates a handy electronic compass inside your rifle scope, while continuously tracking the precise direction you are looking at. Compass today and more apps to come in future updates.
    Velocity and Elevation tracking:
    Track your elevation at whichever heights you choose to conquer! Know precisely your position, take photos/videos and Geotag them for those perfect memories and share them with your friends and family.
    WIFI Connectivity: Connect wirelessly to your smart phone or tablet. "Built-in wifi allows a user to connect your scope through either a mobile device or a desktop computer. Use your phone as a viewfinder, upgrade to the latest firmware on the fly, record and share /images/videos, and much much more."

    You can read the full specification here
    ATN X Sight Digital Night Vision

    New Pulsar Quantum HD50S Thermal Imager

    Following on from the success of the Quantum HD38S the new HD50S features 1200m detection, increased magnification and a 50mm germanium lens, delivering top level performance.

    Meet Team GB .50Cal Rifle Team

    Pop along to the stand on the Sunday and meet the guys from Team GB Rifle .50cal squad, fresh back with their silverware from the world champs in New Mexico.

    Try out the very latest night vision and thermal imagers in the Scott Country night vision tunnel.

    We will have our bespoke night vision tunnel on our stand throughout the CLA weekend to try out the latest kit in complete darkness.

    Demo the brand new Optix Thermal Imager riflescopes

    We will have production models of the new Optix Identifier thermal scope to try at the show.

    As seen in last weeks The Shooting Show.

    Speak with industry experts

    Mike Powell from Sporting Rifle will be on our stand on Friday and Saturday, as well as staff from Thomas Jacks UK Pulsar distributors rotating daily to offer industry advice to the public.

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