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Thread: more ammo for the antis.......

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    more ammo for the antis.......

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    Discraceful! This is the same guy who had a shark killed in the most awful manner and it was filmed for "our enjoyment"

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    the comments on FB are just unreal. They actually believe he shot and killed it.

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    Whats worse he used a .243

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    The mind boggles, people are actually getting hot under the collar about it , they need to get a life.
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    I wonder if she had nursing young at this time of year. What a disgrace. That is the sort of conduct that, if repeated often enough, could render a species extinct. Ooops! my tongue seems to be stuck in my cheek.

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    I heard he used a Amax to shoot it, disgrace, wholly illegal.
    A 50g Vmax would have been more suitable. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve109 View Post
    To make things worse, it was taken out of season..
    With an HMR and a lamp!

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    well someone had to kill the last one

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