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Thread: Thought that Volvo were safe cars ?

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    Thought that Volvo were safe cars ?

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ID:	44290Was most shocked to get a phone call this morning from a most upset wife saying the car just stoped and lost all power and then burst into flames put me of buying another Volvo v60 ,lucky escape and luckily the kids weren't in the carClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	44316just got this one through from the wife's phone quite scary
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    Holy S**T, glad nobody was hurt mate.


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    holy moly

    we had one a few years back that was delivered and i was working away, got home and jumped in to start it on my return and the ignition lights came on and then there was a flash from under the bonnet, a few minutes later flames.

    happy to say the volvo garage took the car back and we purchased a smaller car for the wife (ford c max) and she has never looked back

    so glad alls ok with the wife etc.

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    Thanks so am I just couldn't believe it when I arrived at the scene ,only drove it back from Gatwick airport on Mon morning .problem now is what to get don't think I will go with Volvo

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    Wow. Very glad nobody was harmed. Wonder what Volvo will have to say about that.


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    Unleaded fuel is wonderful stuff is it not?

    Sounds like a fuel leak and Whoomph.

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    Thought that Volvo were safe cars ?

    It happens to all cars mate whatever the make and model. I've dealt with hundreds of car fires and the worst affected has to be the good old Reliant Robin or some of the most expensive makes that use large composite/ carbon fibre panels. Now they really do burn.
    It's hardly surprising that you get car fires when they are such complex pieces of machinery with more and more electrical components, though you do get less car fires due to fuel feed systems since the introduction of fuel injection systems rather than carburettors.
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    It's a diesel and it could have been a fuel leek but I wouldn't no but it sure went up quick ,the real bad thing is that when the engine lost power ,she lost the brakes and power steering as well so had two drop through the gear,s and used the hand brake to stop .As she didn't have to turn we don't know if the steering lock would have come on as well ,really dangerous stuff lucky she was in a 30mph.

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    Pleased everyone's OK Berg. Not a nice experience for the Mrs all the same. You mention you only drove it back recently, was it new?

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    Happened to an old MD of mine while he was driving his Volvo. Thankfully he managed to stop the car and everyone got away safely.

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