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Thread: Disgusting Cover Up...?

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    So the know exactly what killed these raptors that the gamekeepers are accused of killing, but they are not going to tell us because they now cant blame it on the keepers.
    There was a rumour that it was caused by the guy that feeds them every day.

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    If the keepers could have been done the RSPB etc would be jumping up and down for a conviction.
    Something seems very fishy indeed

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    time the RSPB got some of their own medicine

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    what a shock,not.RSPB have poisoned the raptors as claimed by the local farmers.cant be taken to court as the anti shooting goverment of mr salmonella cant beat gamekeepers over the head for something his fellow antis have done.if they prosecute the RSPB that means a balanced unbiased legal system and public humiliation for said bird lovers after their sustained campaign to smear gamekeepers.hopefully some whistle blower will photocopy the report n leak it to the press but dont put money on it.reports probably been shredded already.

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    can't wait to see this one run . if HS has access why has it not got picked up by the pro shooting papers !!!! maybe some of the our shooting org's should get in the same bed to bring it to court
    won't happen but should !! ,be nice to give them some black clouds to hide under

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    Hopefully someone from the NGO and BASC will pick up on this and ask some difficult questions...

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    You guys not read ????

    BASC issued a statement that there has been evidence showing that the persecution of these raptors wer not by the gamekeeping community. BASC members should have recieved their magazine by now and it is in there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunting Solutions View Post
    Don't be. Request the internal review as invited and when that bounces back with the same answer, which it probably will, go to the Scottish Information Commissioner. You may get satisfaction if you continue, but you have to press on to get there. Good luck.

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    ahh but are they going to take them on or just mention it in passing !! to fill the pages.
    its just about time one of our groups took a stand and stopped this type of slander in the future , united we stand and all that guff.

    ps: i am a basc member .

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